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Sounds alot like Zero's skill trees doesn't it? Close range and far range? Evidence 2 This isn't really evidence but Zero has a class mod called stalker, this of course could be a reference to his ability to vanish, but this could also be a reference to his possible history being a hyperion sniper. Merry Christmas guys! I hope you guys enjoy this guide!


If there's any theories or details I left out, please feel free to put it in the comments down below! Also I hope you're have a great day! If you disagree with the theory or you think I did something wrong I won't be offended, feel free to tell me what you think! Please do because we really have no clue what Zero is. Please rate and favorite! The Farmer from Farmer Crates 29 Sep, pm.

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Zero is a ninja evidence includes -Zero has 4 fingers, 4 fingers represent death in japanese culture -Has a sorta futureistic katana, katanas are known to be used by ninjas -One of his special unlockable abilities includes throwing elemental kunai at targets, kunai are bassically the japanese equivelent to knifes, you can throw them or use them as a melee -can go invisible, most ninjas are thought to be able to go invisible when in actuallity they hide but zero is an exepction.

ImADucky 29 Jun, pm. Why isn't there a Zero is a cyborg section?

Part human, part robot. Explains all the robot stuff but also why he has any motivation to begin with. Shynrai 17 Mar, pm.

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First , i'm french so sorry for my english ; I just got an idea about Zer0's Idientity , maybe i missed somethings but this is my theory : What about a Goliath or something like that Celestryx 14 Feb, pm. I just wanna mention since I was playing today and may or may not have just googled this, but Zer0 definitely doesn't breathe. I got a second wind with him and he said something about it only being metaphorical He scoffed at breathing Dimitri 20 Nov, am.

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Jack also mentioned that hyperion did test it the test subject died. So what if after death of that test subject some artificial intelligence took over the body and now we have Zer0. I might be totally wrong though :. Or maybe, just maybe.

He's a Japanese man. Link 23 Jun, pm. That Damned Cat 12 Jun, pm. Oh I forgot - you can hear him taking breaths to speak. Although the editors have been changing, this transdisciplinary approach has remained in focus up to date.

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Since Maska has been published in English as well. The journal became accessible to an international audience and is considered relevant as it continually develops a critical discourse in the field of contemporary performing arts and theory. Together with Performance Research and again Frakcija , Maska prepared an issue devoted to the positioning of aesthetic forms, re-mapping and reconfiguring of East and West Europe, and reflecting on the similarities and differences in assumptions about form and relational structures within the apparently shared European frameworks.

The online journal in Kassel , which compiled the articles that had been published on the leitmotifs of documenta 12 in the more than media around the world, also involved Maska journal. Click here to contact the Culture. Jump to: navigation , search.

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Contact info. Clinical physiology and functional imaging, 35 3 , Training Mask 3. NXT FORC3 technology features on the fly air flow adjustment which allows you to increase or decrease the load on your breathing muscles based on the demands of your workout in real time. Performance breathing with TrainingMask 3. TrainingMask 2. The lightweight and comfortable design of TrainingMask 2. The Training Mask 1.

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TrainingMask 1. The first generation TrainingMask shines best when used for extreme sports training where labored breathing and sustained high intensity effort are required. Marine Gunnery Sgt.