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Chong, K. Chow et al. Interactive Boosting for Image Classification. Adaptive Interpolation for Error Concealment in H. Our workshop gives a snapshot of the current wor- wide research in multimedia analysis. Through recent advances in computing, networking, and data storage, multimedia will create new interesting technical possibilities in a wide range of? To bene? Recently, there have been many workshops and meetings dedicated to M- timedia, but most of them followed the standard pattern consisting mainly of oral and poster presentations.

We all feel that there is a need for a meeting that really is a workshop, i. Consequently, the format of the workshop consists of 4 p- els on hot topics in multimedia followedby discussions and poster presentations. West, L. Opens in new window. Figures and tables taken from a Learning Management System LMS are to be treated as a personal communication - they need to be cited in-text only , NOT in the reference list.

Smith's personal communication, August 9, diagram on atlantoaxial subluxation illustrates. A figure from an LMS source will include a double-spaced caption with the following elements directly below the figure:. Note: Use the title supplied with the image, if one has not been provided then a descriptive caption needs to be included. Figure 5. For subsequent citations, use the first family name listed followed by et al. Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number s from the conference proceedings. For proceedings sourced from a print book or e-book, use the same format for a book or book chapter e.

If the proceedings were taken from an online source such as a library database, use the same format as a book and, after the title, include where the paper was presented and the retrieval statement e. Katashev, A. Application of 3D scanner for estimation of chest movement in scoliotic patients. Persson Eds. MTD joint conferences.

Multimedia Content Analysis and Mining

Gothenburg, Sweden: Springer International Publishing. Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number s from the thesis. For a thesis sourced from an institutional repository , use the following format: author, year of publication in brackets, title in italics, identify the type of work in brackets and also include a retrieval statement in the form of a URL. For a thesis sourced from a library database include the following information: author, year of publication in brackets, title in italics, type of work in brackets, and a retrieval statement that includes the name of the database and the accession or order number in brackets.

Sutherland, A. Technology for single cell protein analysis in immunology and cancer prognostics. Order No. When paraphrasing, include the organisation name in this instance, Standards Australia and year of publication in brackets. Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number s from the Standard. Standards Australia.

Include the form type in square brackets after the title e. Bratianu, P. Why workplace stress impacts nurses [Blog post]. If referencing a PowerPoint presentation that has been published and sourced online e. SlideShare then it must be cited both in-text, and in the reference list. Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the slide number s from the slide.

Use s. If there is no assigned slide number then count the number of slides from the beginning. The reference list citation should include: the author s name, year of publication, title of the slide presentation in italics, a description of the form type inside square brackets e. Haavik, H. How to confidently communicate the science of chiropractic [PowerPoint slides]. Referencing of course materials follows the same rules of personal communication, and is only cited in-text.

If referencing Lecture notes, then it is treated as a personal communication and should only be cited in-text, NOT in the reference list. If referencing PowerPoint slides used in lectures or in-class presentations, then it is treated as a personal communication and should only be cited in-text, NOT in the reference list. The topic of postural assessment [PowerPoint slides] was examined and found that. Draper, personal communication, 26 April, If citing practical or laboratory manuals, then it is treated as a personal communication and should only be cited in-text, NOT in the reference list.

Mouradov, personal communication, 4 April, Mouradov personal communication, 4 April, explains the process of plasmid transferral in the prac manual for ONPS If referencing figures from course materials taken from the Learning Management System, it is necessary to treat them as a personal communication. Because these figures are only discoverable to staff and students, they are only referenced as an in-text citation, and do NOT appear in the reference list.

Public hospital expenditure increased dramatically. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Include the author s if stated; otherwise add the company, organisation or government department, followed by the year of publication in brackets.

Referencing for students: RMIT Harvard style

As the document is a report, the title is italicised and, if there is a report number, place it in brackets immediately after the title. If the report has been sourced online make sure to include the retrieval statement. Only identify the publisher as part of the retrieval statement if the publisher has NOT been identified as the author e. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Hospital resources — Australian hospital statistics Health services series No. HSE A pinpoint reference within a footnote directs the reader to a particular place in the cited work:.

See section 3. When a source is cited more than once in a paper the full bibliographic details should only be provided in the first instance. The terms 'Ibid' and 'n' are used for repeat citations of the same work. In some circumstances, 'above n ' or 'below n ' are used to direct the reader to a specific part or reference within a text.

Use 'Ibid' in a footnote where the immediately preceding footnote refers to the same work. The exception to this rule is if a footnote lists more than one source in this case use 'n'. If a footnote refers to the same work and to the same pinpoint reference, simply use 'Ibid'. The pinpoint reference does not need to be repeated in this case.

If a footnote refers to the same work but to a different pinpoint reference, use 'Ibid' followed by the pinpoint reference. If citing a source that has already been referred to then a shortened form of the citation should be provided e. Also include the pinpoint if different from the first citation. See AGLC section 1.

If a bibliography is required list all works referred to both in footnotes and in the body of your assignment, as well as all works consulted in writing your assignment.

Table of contents

Note that details provided in the bibliography are almost identical to details provided in the footnotes, with the following exceptions:. A pinpoint reference is a reference to a specific page, paragraph or other section of a decision:. If the publication is authored by a body government department, corporation etc. When the citation appears in a bibliography, list the family name first. Sources should be listed in alphabetical order by family name. Where there are two or three authors, the names of all authors should be included and the word 'and' should separate the names of the last two authors.

Sharkey, Brooking on building contracts: the law and practice relating to building and engineering agreements LexisNexis Butterworths, 5 th ed, Bennett, Belinda ed , Globalization and Health Springer, Books and e-books Chapter in an edited book These rules apply when referencing both printed books and e-books. When citing chapters in a book list the author and enclose the title of the chapter in single inverted commas - do not italicise the title.

The number of the first page of an article should follow the title of the journal. No punctuation should separate the starting page from the title. When citing the names of the authors, they should appear in the exact order as they are listed in the source material. Where there are more than three authors, the family name of the author appearing first on the source should be included, followed by 'et al'. Enclose the name of the director, production company and year of the recording in parentheses ' '.

Pinpoint references should be at the point of time of the recording, and appear in the following format - hours: minutes: seconds. Footnote example. The Vancouver referencing style is a numbered system , predominantly used in the medical field. Authorship is acknowledged using a number to represent a reference. From the in-text reference number, the reader may consult the reference list for full publication details. Paraphrasing is when you use someone else's ideas or research and express them in your own words.

The way you cite the information depends on the emphasis you wish to apply. Information-prominent citations emphasise the information you have paraphrased or quoted from an author:. Author-prominent citations emphasise the author. Note: When citing a reference with multiple authors , list the first author, and then abbreviate subsequent authors using et al. Direct quotes are rarely used in the Vancouver style.

However, if you use the exact wording of a source:. Note: Within the parentheses, the in-text number is followed by a space, then the lower case letter 'p' with no space and the page number. Quotes longer than four lines should be indented in a block, in reduced type and without quotation marks:. With the increased need to store data and information generated by big projects, computational solutions, such as cloud-based computing, have emerged.

Cloud computing is the only storage model that can provide the elastic scale needed for DNA sequencing, whose rate of technology advancement could now exceed Moore's Law. Moore's law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits and the speed of computers double approximately every 2 years.

When citing more than one reference at the same point in your text, give the relevant numbers, separated by commas. Include one space between the comma and the next number:. If the references have consecutive numbers , then use a hyphen. There should be no spaces between numbers and hyphens:. For the place of publication, add the city, and then qualify it — see below — by the state code or country name. For books in the Reference List, pagination i. Note: The examples in this guide do not include pagination for books. Using a case study, Sullivan 1 demonstrates the relationship between goal setting and career advancement.

For an in-text citation that has multiple authors, list the first author, and then abbreviate subsequent authors using et al. Statistical methods for hospital monitoring with R. Mims' medical microbiology. Philadelphia PA : Mosby Elsevier; Whether you are paraphrasing or using a direct quote, in-text citations do not include the edition number of a book. Include the edition number followed by the abbreviation "ed. Usually, part of a chapter in an edited book is cited in-text unless you refer to an edited book as a whole.

Firstly, here is how an edited book is cited in-text and then in the reference list. Cite as you would for a book with an author or authors. If the book has multiple editors, list the first editor and then abbreviate subsequent editors using et al. Changes to the nature of healthcare as they relate to inclusive practice are outlined by Davis et al.

Inclusive practice for health professionals. In the example below, Williams wrote a particular chapter in an edited book and some information in it has been paraphrased. The Reference List entry, given the number 6 , shows the author's name and chapter title, followed by details of the book in which that chapter is found. According to Williams 6 , National Health Surveys are valuable sources of information on the state of health and well-being of Australians. Williams G. Population health and health outcomes.

The information provided here is for an e-book from a library database. The rules for citing an e-book in-text are the same as for a physical i. According to Wagner 6 , the cortical brain blood flow in imprisoned violent lawbreakers is lower than that of the general population. Include the same information as you would for a print book as well as the following additions:.

Wagner HN. Brain imaging: the chemistry of mental activity [Internet]. London England : Springer London; [cited Aug 24]. Available from: SpringerLink eBooks. Musiek ES. Circadian rhythms in AD pathogenesis: a critical appraisal. Curr Sleep Med Rep. Marinovich et al. In the example below, the article was written by nine authors. Note that only the first six authors are listed, followed by a comma then et al. J Natl Cancer Inst. Ogilvy explores the excessive preoccupation with enhancing human life: extending life to promote its longevity, and increasing human intelligence. In the Reference List, include the same information as you would for a print journal.

Note the punctuation used and where spaces are used or not used. In addition, note the following:. Ogilvy J. Human enhancement and the computational metaphor. J Evol Technol. There should be more investment in vaccination programs in Australia to decrease the threat and concern of measles and other diseases. If no author has been identified, begin the reference with the title of the article. Do not put "anonymous". NSW must not drop its guard against measles.

Sydney Morning Herald [Internet]. According to Hill 13 , "ovarian cancer is the most lethal women's cancer and the sixth most common cause of cancer death in Australia but funding for the deadly disease falls well below other women's and men's cancers". Hill J. High time for an ovary-action to stop killer. Newcastle Herald. The discovery could result in an easy, affordable, effective and accessible complementary treatment for 1. According to Squires 14 , "with 1. Squires M. Vitamin C may become new diabetes treatment. The Advertiser [Internet]. For researchers of influenza, discovering a vaccine that does not need to be given each year is desirable, yet difficult to achieve.

According to Mannix 15 , "a one-shot vaccine that does not need annual updates is the Holy Grail for influenza researchers". Mannix L. Universal flu vaccine a big step closer - but it will only help half of us. The Age [Internet]. For example:. The following are general rules for citing illustrations — whatever the type - using the Vancouver referencing style.

However, the specific examples provided in this Vancouver guide are for citing images. The Vancouver referencing style uses Arabic numerals, e. Do not use:. In the reference list, include the sources of all the illustrations that you have used from another source and inserted in your text. Osteopathic techniques: the learner's guide.

New York NY :Thieme; Clin Transl Oncol. Figure 2, Dose distributions for a left-breast tumor a, b at the level of surgical bed defined by titanium clips arrows and the corresponding DVH c,d for supine left and prone right positions; p. If an image has not been given a title or a description, e.

For example, [Scar tissue on knee]. If the illustration is not numbered, give it a number according to its placement on the webpage and enclose it in square brackets. For example, if it is the first illustration in the original source, give it the number 1, e. Ross JS. In: Imaging Reference Centre [Internet]. Amsterdam The Netherlands : Elsevier. Note: The above URL ends with a forward slash, so therefore a full stop is added after it.

The citation in the reference list will include the reference number you assigned the illustration in your text and:. West L. MRI [Internet]. Mountain View CA : Flickr. In order to improve patient safety, Benham et al. A conference paper in the proceedings of a book is referenced in the same way as a contribution to a book. It begins with the author s and title of the paper, followed by a connecting phrase beginning with "In:", the book's editor s , book title, and conference information. It ends with the publication details of the book and the relevant pagination.

Goal-driven development of a patient surveillance application for improving patient safety. E-technologies: innovation in an open world. Heidelberg Germany : Springer-Verlag; Wheat a kick in the guts for fighting diseases; Dec 14 [cited Jan 15]; [about 2 screens]. Institute of Biomedical Science.

  1. Astrophysical Lasers;
  2. Other resources.
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  4. Referencing for students: RMIT Harvard style.

Guidance on quality management in laboratories [Internet]. The IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers citation style is a numbered style where references are numbered [1], [2], [3] in-text and so on in the order of appearance in the body of the document. A Reference List at the end of the work provides full details of all references cited in-text.

The references are ordered as they appear in the in-text references in order of citation, not in alphabetical order. Note: When paraphrasing, the citation details can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence. When paraphrasing, page numbers are not usually used as part of the citation, unless it intends to help the reader to locate the source of the information in a lengthy document. Do not overuse direct quotes. Generally, the induced voltage v in an inductor is proportional to the rate of change of current i " [1, p. Note: Quotes longer than three lines are strongly discouraged, and should be avoided.

If citing the same reference within the body of the text, then use the same citation number throughout the text. Instead, if the same source is cited multiple times, then it is preferable to distinguish between these with reference to the appropriate section, for example:. If listing multiple citations within a sentence of text, then the preferred method is to list each citation number separately, or by inserting a comma or en dash between each number. Use a forward slash for bimonthly issues e. Standard IEEE words when used in a reference should be abbreviated. When citing conference proceedings, the common rule is to list the author s , title, name and location if provided of the conference and use any standard abbreviations where necessary.

A DOI is a unique identifier that is assigned to certain electronic sources, and provides a persistent link to online content. For the place of publication, add the city, and then include the state code if applicable and country name, followed by the publisher and year of publication. Note: The Reference List is to be formatted using 1. Blackburn, Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications , 4th ed. Freeman and Co. Biscaro, R. Pereira, M. Kezunovic, and J. Power Del. Shao, J.

Bi, F. Yang, and W. Accessed on: May 24, Lin, X. Tang, and X. M, Feb. Accessed on June 15, Accessed on: June 1, Accessed on: May 12, Available: Kanopy Streaming database. Ren et al. Accessed on: May 5, Patent Accessed on: Mar. Available: AustPat database. Accessed on: June 15, When paraphrasing, include the citation number in square brackets. Or, if referring to the author s family name in the body of the text, then include the citation number in square brackets immediately after the family name.

When directly quoting, place the quote in double quotation marks " " and provide both the citation number and the page number s from the source in square brackets. Blackburn notes that "Symmetrical components can be called the language of the relay engineer or technician" [2, p. Author s initials. Place of Publication City, abbrev. State if applicable , Country: Publisher, Year of Publication. Bayliss and B.

Hardy, Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering , 4th ed. Oxford, United Kingdom: Newnes, If citing more than three authors in-text, use the first family name listed followed by et al. Radulov, P.

Tributes Archive - International Overdose Awareness DayInternational Overdose Awareness Day

Quinn, H. Hegt, and A. If there are more than six authors listed, use et al. Author initials. When citing a book by a corporate author make sure to include the following information where available:. Include the translated title and details such as language and translator directly after the title, all in italics.

Family name s , Title of Book , ed. Translated from original language by Translator , Place of Publication City, abbrev. Family name s , "Title of the chapter," in Title of the Book , ed. State if applicable , Country: Publisher, Year of Publication, pp. Harlow, Ed. When citing e-books from a database without a DOI make sure to include the following information where available:.

Accessed on: abbrev. Day, Year. Available: database homepage URL. Curwen and J. Accessed on: May 22, It is evident that small animals usually communicate at higher frequencies in contrast to larger animals [2]. When citing e-books from a database with a DOI make sure to include the following information where available:. Rossing, Ed. Accessed on: May 27, Impulse, step and sinusoid signals are used in the design and analysis of electrical and mechanical circuits [2].

The signals used in the design and analysis of electrical and mechanical circuits are detailed by Scharf [2]. Note: If no page numbers are listed then use chapter numbers, section headings and paragraph numbers where appropriate. When citing e-books from the internet make sure to include the following information where available:. Year of Publication. Accessed on: May 20, Note: If you cannot locate the journal title in either of these databases, you can spell out the name of the journal title in full. Ibrahim concluded that the "Accuracy of the sensor can be improved by increasing the microcontroller clock frequency or value of the charging resistor" [3, p.

Family name s , "Title of article," abbrev. Title of Journal , vol. Month if available. Atmospheric effects such as rain and fog can affect the transmission of free-space optical signals [3]. Song and Kam [3] contend that atmospheric effects such as rain and fog can affect the transmission of free-space optical signals. Song and P. Lightwave Technol. Repair time and financial losses can be minimised by using the fault diagnosis system to restore a system to normal operation [3]. Biscaro et al. Simplicity in relation to the SOC estimation process is an important factor for portable devices using a small or single battery [3].

Chun et al. Family name, "Title of article," abbrev. Power Sources , vol. Shao et al. When citing e-journal articles with a DOI make sure to include the following information where available:. When citing e-journal articles from a library database make sure to include the following information where available:.

Accessed on: May 26, When citing e-journal articles from the internet make sure to include the following information where available:. Song and S. Accessed on: June 3, When considering reduction of payload capacity, Burke [4] concluded that the weight reduction of the energy storage system would be beneficial. When citing magazine articles from a print source make sure to include the following information where available:. Title of Magazine , vol. When citing magazine articles from an online source make sure to include the following information where available:.

Available: name of database. Accessed on: June 2, Available: IEEE database. Adaptive filtering technology applied to engineering, is based on the implementation of adaptive algorithm [5]. Adaptive filtering technology applied to engineering, is based on the implementation of adaptive algorithm, as Lin, Tang and Huang [5] explain. According to researchers, "The realization of adaptive algorithm is the basis of application of adaptive filtering technology to engineering practice" [5, p.

When citing a conference paper that has been published in proceedings make sure to include the following information where available:. Family name s , "Title of paper," in abbrev. Title of Proceedings , Place of Publication, Year only if not already stated in title , pp. Conferences Conference paper, presented not published in proceedings Paraphrasing in-text When paraphrasing, include the citation number in square brackets.

Once data packets have come into the internet network, users cannot control the path these packets take, even though users can select an ISP of their own choice [5].

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Yang [5] explains that once data packets have come into the internet network, users cannot control the path these packets take, even though users can select an ISP of their own choice. When citing a conference paper that has been presented make sure to include the following information where available:. Family name s , Title of paper, presented at the abbrev. Title and Year of Conference. The Black Knight program was purposely designed to test the aerodynamic behaviour of re-entry nose cones [6]. When citing reports from a print source with an individual author make sure to include the following information where available:.

Day if available , Year of Publication. When citing reports from a print source with an corporate author make sure to include the following information where available:. The experimental design described in [6] allowed the engineer to measure the number of words correctly received by each listener.

Catellier and Voran [6] describe the design, implementation and analysis of a speech intelligibility test. Catellier and Voran state that "There may be negative consequences for speech intelligibility even as it becomes particularly important to coordinate the new personnel" [6, p. When citing reports from an online source with an individual author make sure to include the following information where available:. Day, Year of Publication. Catellier and S. Accessed on: Apr. The report claims that the "Engineering consulting industry has contracted over the past five years as investment on large-scale infrastructure and mining-related projects has declined" [6, p.

When citing reports from an online source with a corporate author make sure to include the following information where available:. US State if applicable , Country, Report number, abbrev. There are two instabilities which contribute to the poor efficiency of lithium-oxygen fuel cells [7]. In addition to that and taste-testing, groups can enjoy making cosmetic products using natural ingredients and, surprise makgeolli! Jeonju Hanok Village This quaint village is home to well preserved hanoks, Korean traditional house, built during the s. Groups can spend a day here simply by walking over cobbled pathways, checking out every nook and cranny, discovering unique handicrafts and tea rooms, and admiring the beautiful design of traditional Korean architecture.

Haenyeo Haenyeo are women divers from Jeju Island. What sets them apart from ordinary divers is that they do not use air tanks to dive as deep as 10m below sea level. They dive to catch fish, gather sea urchins and other edible sea creatures to make a living out of it. However these days, it transformed into a mecca of Korean street food. Where else can you get a taste of cheese ramyeon hotdog, bacon kimchi, beer-flavored ice cream, and the famous Jeonju Bibimbap? Or have a drink served in dextrose packs?

Only a few Haenyeos remain in Korea because of old age, most of them are 80 years old. A fun way to explore this area is to rent a hanok Korean traditional costumes , divide into groups, and compete in completing a mission of visiting top attractions inside the village i. Gyeonggijeon, Jeongdong Cathedral, Bamboo Forest inside Hongsalmon, etc and trying at least five street food. Small groups can dive with haenyeo, catch fish, and enjoy a delicious plate of seafood cuisine.

Diving with haenyeosis not only a fun activity, but it is a program that practices sustainable tourism and. Jeonju Hanok Village is indeed a perfect destination for groups who want authentic, local immersive culture programs for their company retreats. Ashish Kishore says "Indian business travellers deem earning personal loyalty points or rewards to be a good reason to book outside policy". With airlines and hotels offering a range of personal incentives for continued loyalty, it appears that personal rewards provide sufficient justification for some employees to ignore standard company policies.

However, ninety-six percent of Indian business travellers believe wishing to stay in a better quality hotel is a good reason for booking outside policy, and it is unlikely that excuse would pass scrutiny. Excerpts from the guidelines are published herewith. Managing media summary guidelines by Tina Altieri Media Australasia Xchange MAX As with the operational crisis — the most effective means of dealing with the media is preparation and leadership. The most senior member of the crisis management team and ideally the Chief Executive of the association should always be considered as the first option to act as spokesperson or provide a statement to the media.

A standard pre-prepared. Maintain a communications network Keep out of hours contact numbers of crisis management team to hand Keep out of hours numbers of support personnel — administrative and ad-hoc representatives to hand. Maintain on-going rapport with influential local media and PR contacts through networking channels. Maintain an early warning system to monitor external trends Help anticipate potential incidents and understand their context in the event they become an emergency and crisis through the following information channels Check the media regularly — editorials, radio and TV reports, newsletters etc.

Analyse internal intelligence — direct.


Monitor public opinion - Identify local social issues - be aware of local government decisions and political decisions. The new report also showed strong growth in the meetings and events industry in , with a record number of 12, rotating international association meetings taking place,. The ICCA said that, over the past five to 10 years, the exponential growth of the industry has seemed to slow into a more mature, but still solid, growth pattern.

Here are the top 20 cities by number of meetings organized in 1. Barcelona 2. Paris 3. Vienna 4. Berlin 5. London 6. Singapore 7. Madrid 8. Prague 9. Lisbon Seoul Buenos Aires Budapest Hong Kong Dublin Copenhagen Amsterdam Bangkok Tokyo Stockholm Montreal, QC Rome Since there has not been much change in the top 10 country rankings, apart from a minor shift in positioning. As it has done for the past two decades, the United States remains in the number one position with meetings, 7 more than reported at this time in The top 20 countries by number of meetings organized in are: 1.

United States 2. Germany 3. United Kingdom 4. Spain 5. Italy 6. France 7. Japan 8. China 9. Canada Netherlands Portugal Austria Republic of Korea Australia Sweden Brazil Switzerland Poland Belgium The GHTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare — in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives — with a focus on providing the highest quality of transparent healthcare. Objectives To promote healthy relationship among individuals who are actively engaged in medical tourism related business.

To promote and improve the standard and quality of medical tourism in India. To collaborate with medical tourism related industries like hospitals, medical tourism agents, and insurance agencies for mutual benefit. To provide a forum to facilitate the interchange of scientific knowledge in medical tourism, facilitate and encourage communications among the research community, tourism professionals, and other research, regulatory, and communications media and the general public by educating public and private agencies on the usefulness of research in medical tourism and tourism stakeholders' outcomes.

More details can be had from their website www. This concept is likely to grow in India with an increased awareness about responsible travel and experiential travel is a growing trend the world over. Growth We have seen a growing interest of Indian travellers wanting to have.

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  • We also notice that people as early in their 20s wanting to come take experiential vacations with us to retired couples in their 60's also wanting something more out of their vacation. Experiential Travel Experiential travel is growing and every destination is unique in terms of its people, its culture and food and a lot more. We want people to experience this uniqueness that each place has to offer.

    Add on more destinations We are constantly on the look out to add new destinations, homestay's and experiences onto our platform. Recently we have added Turtuk, which is a little beyond Nubra valley in Ladakh to our list of Offbeat Places to visit. We are looking at exploring inroads into Lahaul Spiti, Arunachal Pradesh and a few villages in Uttrakhand within India and expanding our presence in Sri Lanka and Myanmanr internationally by the end of Activities We have activities ranging from spending a few days at an organic village in Ladakh, to cycling expeditions across Bhutan, meditation sessions under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk, handicraft weaving session in Nagaland to treks and caving in Meghalaya.

    For the foodies, we. Main Segments We focus mostly on leisure, adventure, culinary tours, spiritual healing, local interactions, using travel as a medium to build infrastructure, promoting local festivals and arts and handicraft based experiences, rural getaways, coffee and tea trails. Another important aspect is to involve the local communities in the tourism process as they are the major stakeholders of the business. It is imperative that they should reap economic and social benefits from tourism, so that they are motivated to preserve the environment and their culture.

    We are focusing on the close interactions between our guests and the local communities. We offer different types of trips like nature, wildlife, treks, caving , cultural, festival tours. Some of the trends we noticed are people who travel with us mainly are those who are interested in knowing about the culture of North East India. We also get quite a few people who want to visit offbeat places since North East is still relatively off the tourist map.

    Of late we have also started getting tourists who have a. We have seen a very positive change in the behaviour of the Indian travelers with more and more people open to experimenting and trying out new things during their travels. The Indian traveller has also become more accommodative and is willing to forgo some level of comfort so as to experience how the locals lead their lives and are willing to experiment and try out local cuisine.

    In we are catering to 95 Indian groups and the target for the coming year is to service around client groups. Marketing Plans Our marketing plans are mainly done through Facebook and Instagram to promote our trips on Social Media. We offer interesting group tours that are marketed mainly via social media; using promotional campaigns of FB and through interesting Instagram posts. For our customized trips we promote the unique aspects like culture part, homestay part and nature trail. Responsible tourism is growing over the years in the Indian market do you think it is likely to grow in good numbers in the future.

    In India responsible tourism is a new concept and in its nascent stages as of now it is still a very supply driven market with operators and accommodation owners driving this change, unlike the West where it is more driven by the requirements of the client. We currently operate about flights a week to 49 destinations in 16 countries. The combined Singapore Airlines and SilkAir network covers destinations in 35 countries. New route plans for India Currently, we have 37 weekly flights. Together with our parent company Singapore Airlines, we have a combined network of 11 cities in India from which we operate to the rest of the world.

    The active involvement of the Indian government will help boost both international and domestic travel. Now, with the ability to fly further with the MAX 8 SilkAir is able to extend its reach to destinations further afield in countries like India and China. Promotional Plans for Indian Market In terms of our consumer driven initiatives, SilkAir has always focused on the current market landscape, keeping in mind the needs of the travellers. We recently launched special fares in view of upcoming summer vacations to South East Asian and North Asian destinations with all-inclusive return fare to Singapore.

    Growth in the previous year We will continue to work closely with our Parent airline to capture the growing market in intra-Asia and international travel through our extensive network. Besides exploring new destinations such as Hiroshima, our first Japanese destination, we are also improving our existing routes by offering more frequencies. Passengers can also look forward to an improved inflight sales experience as we widen our offerings. KrisFlyer members can. Enhancements in inflight offerings We have introduced five new meals on board the MAX8 featuring favourite local delights.

    Apart from being able to pre-book All-Time-Favourite ATF meals that boast an array of 20 main courses comprising of Asian and Western cuisines, Business Class customers can also indulge in fresh gourmet coffee. Welcome to Holiday Expo another exciting brand to take your business to a level of growth and establish an opportunity to create a brand new market. Medium sized Indian cities have emerged as one of the fastest growing markets or quality leisure products and 'Holiday Expo' is just the perfect Travel Exhibition reachout to this very market, thus ensuring your product profits to its optimum potential.

    Holiday Expo Secretariat: Plot No. A travel mart that helped it amplify the tourism aspects of the state. JTM was a commencement for a new leaf in tourism sector for Jharkhand. The mart was a breakthrough for the tourism sector of the state as it opened new avenues in networking and channelling interactions between buyers and sellers. The first Jharkhand Travel Mart concluded with over Business Appointments generated from a travel trade delegation of buyers from across India.

    Jharkhand travel mart pioneered in bringing all aspects of the state. The networking, culture and familiarity trips was one part, but the main prospects lied in its putting together a forum that addressed the beauty and background of the state which could draw in. Just 50 km from Ranchi there are several waterfalls. We wish to promote tourism without causing any dent to the way of life of tribals. Some of the feedback received from buyers and sellers at the event are as follows: "The three-day trade mart witnessed good interactions between. I would now be promoting Jharkhand as there is a lot of potential for eco-tourism apart from spiritual tours to Jain and Hindu temples.

    Nishikant Kumar, Professor, Dept. The second session evaluated the industry and market for Tribal and Cultural Tourism in Jharkhand in which the speakers included Mr. Justin Imam, Virasat Trust, Mr. Amitava Ghosh, Founder, Kalamandir,. Sustainable tourism is our goal: Mr. Sudhir Tripathy, Chief Secretary, Govt. In the past we had limitations of extremism but now we have overcome it and it is one of the biggest success stories being talked about said Sudhir Tripathy, Chief Secretary, Government of Jharkhand. As part of promoting Jharkhand tourism, the government set up stalls for the promotion of crafts of tribal in all tourist spots and hotels informed the chief secretary on the second day of the Jharkhand Travel Mart here in Ranchi.

    Growth Explore Outing is a location based travel ecosystem with mobile app as interface and also provides a state specific tourism app for the government. We have regularly been adding more services and features based on the feedback and requirements from our customers. We have noticed various features in the app has got a good traction in lakhs widely used by tourists and entire travel industry.

    We are expanding using two-phase approach on one hand, we are collaborating with tourism service providers for adventure, trekking, city walks, helicopter ride, packaged tours and more. Accessibility of the App The app is accessible across India and you will get tourism information about the state as per your location. You can simply choose any other state to browse information. Main Features Some of the features of the system is Information, Online bookings for. India is growing on an upward graph in terms of tourism so you think the Indian market is going to grow exponentially over the years explain?

    The Indian tourism is growing and as it is one of the high growing Industries in India due to multiple reasons for it like Increase in disposable income for Indian household,better road infrastructure which is getting even better day-by-day making destinations more accessible. The booking now pay later facility is currently available for any flights within India or international flights departing from anywhere in India. Indian Market Mihuru PayLater a credit platform for booking flights on EMI launched in March , and we have already booked a significant number of flights on EMI for consumers traveling to destinations like Paris, Singapore, Jordan and for domestic trips as well.

    It is widely accepted well by travelers as this enables. You can get to register for instant access to credit, search for a flight. The travellers can pay their balance in instalments before they fly. Travelers are assessed based on their digital footprint and a simple psycholinguistic assessment prior to being provided credit. During we plan to provide credit across other travel verticals such as accommodations and packages that will help us to cater to the larger part of the travellers and becoming a onestop destination for all their travel finance.

    We have already established a number of strategic alliances with travel booking partners to extend our credit facilities to their customers and will be having more partnerships during the year. Travellers using the service Travelers using Mihuru PayLater are generally young Indians who are traveling for leisure primarily to international destinations.

    People of Alicante generally traditionally flock to the countryside for a festive dinner feasting on typical products, and dancing around the bonfire. For several days, the bonfires and the enormous cardboard and wooden figures go up in flames on the night of San Juan. Bonnaroo is known for its kind of folk-rock acts with more than performances, ranging from the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers to hip-hop king Travis Scott.

    Apart from that, there are dozens of bars and clubs that offer fantastic jazz in all shapes and sizes be its swing or bebop, influenced by blues, rock or world music. The festival is celebrated with entertainment, food and 29 magnificent steel-framed and silk-wrapped giant animals, springtime flowers and trees, and symbols of Chinese culture. The event will also feature artisans from China and the Philadelphia region.