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It definitely made me want to read more.

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I do have to warn you that Memory's writing is full of descriptions, which gives it an atmospheric feel. You can feel the leaves rustling during autumn, you can feel the cold in the cemetery, you can see the light cast by the moon and I'd like to commend Christoph and the translator for that feat. Though for some, this might not be a good thing since it sometimes renders the story slow. The parts where there are dialogues and action were fast-paced but when it gets to the descriptions again, it kind of drags. I don't mind this because I'm a fan of description-heavy books so I can get a feel of the world but it did take me days to finish this book.

Kind of funny and quirky timing that I finished reading this when I went to a wake. If you think I'm really weird right now, it's okay. So, the plot. Jude Finney can see ghosts and in here, Marzi has given ghosts different personalities and characteristics. Ghosts are bound to their graveyard and they cannot go far from where their bodies are.

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Ghosts are also dreams of the life they had and they can also eat, drink and sleep. Most importantly, ghosts are generally happy people who party every night. Well, at least that's how Gaskell and the Highgate Cemetry ghosts are. Jude discovers his ability to see and interact with ghosts from a road accident and there he meets Miss Rathbone, a vixen.

Foxes guard cemeteries and Miss Rathbone is the resident fox of Highgate Cemetery. Jude prefers the company of ghosts and goes to the cemetery as much as he can. But one night, he sees a girl who's not dead nor alive. She's limping and she can't remember anything, which means she's not a ghost. But she's also not alive. Jude brings her to Gaskell and the gang and they name her Story as she's now in the search of her story and her body. Jude and Story go on around London trying to know who Story is and how to find her body.

But time's ticking as Story slowly starts remembering things, which means she's slowly dying as well. They end up discovering a far more sinister plot than they could ever imagine. The romance in here was a muted one and it was certainly not the focus. However, I did like how it developed and how cute it was.

Sure, Jude found Story pretty and he felt the urge to help her might be a messiah complex or pity or Story is just too beautiful but he didn't like her immediately. And as Gaskell said, the most honorable reason to do something is to impress a girl. Bit by bit, he started noticing her mannerisms and they got to know each other, even if there's almost nothing to know about Story at first.

Story was ever the cute and funny girl, amidst being a ghost. I usually don't like damsels in distress but while Story is definitely a damsel in distress and that Jude pretty much did most of the work, I can't fault her because she can't do anything besides try to be as helpful as she can and accompany Jude. Jude is sweet in my opinion He plays the guitar and he made a song for Story! He has his issues having no mother and a father who's mostly away as a scientist.

And even when his father's home, they don't talk much. This is why he mostly stays with the dead because he feels at home there. At least there's an explanation as to why he can just go about hanging out in a cemetery and that his father played a part near the end of the novel. So this novel didn't suffer from the lack-of-parental-units trope. Jude mostly keeps to himself, which is why I think he's perfect for the effervescent Story too.

Gaskell, a legendary rock star, now dead, was hilarious. His funny quips and I just love how he's larger than life.

Namenlose Geschichten

He's the most alive person in this whole novel and he's a ghost at that! Miss Rathbone acted as a mother figure to Jude and though evasive with her non-answers, was their main ally. I like the mishmash 'mythology' in this one. It was different because while the novel is set in London, Indian mythology plays a role as well. Plus, there are ghosts, foxes who can change into human form, stone angels who guard the cemetery and turn anyone who breathes into stone, faceless ghost murderers, lanterns that disintegrates and sucks in ghosts, water spirits and while you might think it's chaotic, Marzi was able to jive all of these into one coherent idea.

Some might call this novel ambitious as it tried to tackle a lot and it squeezed in a lot but for me, more action is better than less! Like I said and as expected, Memory had a deus ex machina moment and the novel itself glossed over it. Below is an excerpt from the novel. If you did, it could lose its effectiveness. Still, I enjoyed how Jude and Story got Story's story, how they interacted and the world Christoph Marzi crafted so I can look past the minor reservations I had.

And THAT ending? Moreover, Memory has successfully invested me to knowing and finding Story as much as the characters. I recommend Memory to fans of urban fantasy I'm not a fan but I enjoyed it so how much more would a fan, right? Six months ago Jude discovered that he could see ghosts and he's since had a great time getting to know all the ghosts at Highgate Cemetery in London - so much so, in fact, that he'd rather be there than bothering with school.

Then one night there's a new ghost sitting on a bench there, but nobody has been buried so how can she be? On top of that, she has no memory of who she is, and that isn't how ghosts are. As Jude and his ghost friends try to find out who the new girl is they decide to name Six months ago Jude discovered that he could see ghosts and he's since had a great time getting to know all the ghosts at Highgate Cemetery in London - so much so, in fact, that he'd rather be there than bothering with school. As Jude and his ghost friends try to find out who the new girl is they decide to name her Story , they're led into more and more mystery, and into things that seem impossible yet are very dangerous.

I enjoyed this teen-read very much. I like the way the author has questions that we're never quite sure are going to be answered, but then they're woven together nicely at the end. The menacing characters turn out to be suitably evil, and there are some great moments of major fear and stress for the reader. Also, I love the setting in London - the city comes to life and death! Jun 08, Vittoria rated it liked it. This felt a bit like an episode of Doctor Who there's even Weeping Angels, so Very beautiful writing.

I did think the plot but I wish things were explained more. Das hat mir super gefallen. Like this review?

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I have more! I'm unsure whether or not it was his debut novel, but it's his first to have been translated from German into English, and despite the original having been written in German, it had all the beautiful language, imagery and quirkiness of Neil Gaiman novel - in fact, I often liken Heaven to a mash up of Neverwhere and Stardust!

Memory is the second of Marzi's novels to be released in English, a Like this review? Memory is the second of Marzi's novels to be released in English, and it holds all of the same magic that Heaven does - if not, more! Memory follows the story of Jude, a young boy, living in London, who discovered about six months ago that he can see ghosts.

At the beginning of the novel, Jude meets a mysterious girl, sitting on a bench, in the middle of the night, in Highgate cemetery where he spends a lot of time, hanging out with his ghostly friends. The girl doesn't remember how she came to be in the cemetery - in fact, she can't remember much of anything. The ghosts, mainly Gaskell an old rock star , Jude, and Miss Rathbone 'The Vixen' decide to call her Story, because that is what she's searching for.

Story is not a ghost - she isn't dead - but she isn't quite alive either. She's somewhere between the two.

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If Jude and Story don't discover what happened to her and fast! I was gripped by this book by the time I'd finished the prologue. I had so many questions; who was this mysterious ghost girl, and what had happened to her? Why could the boy suddenly see ghosts? Who is Gaskell?

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And most importantly, what kind of adventure would this unorthodox pair end up having together? I had to know the answers to these questions, and the more I read, the more questions I ended up asking. Even after the prologue, I was still fascinated by the story. The characters were all really interesting; Gaskell, the dead rock star, was the life of the party, and he made me chuckle on more than one occasion, but he also acted as a kind of father figure, first for Jude and then for Story as well.

I also loved the fun-loving, maternal, and enigmatic Miss Rathbone, who had been the character that first helped Jude understand what was happening to him, when he discovered his strange new ability. And then, of course, there is Jude and Story. Even though Story couldn't remember much from her life previous to being found on the bench by Jude, she was still a fun-loving, caring character, and despite what was happening to her, and how frightened she was, she still found room for a sense of humour, which not only made her incredibly loveable, it also made her brave.

And I loved Jude. Even though he had no obligation to help Story, he did. He went above and beyond what could be reasonably be expected of anyone in that situation, and he was extremely gallant in doing so! I loved both Story and Jude separately, but when they were put together, I loved them both even more. The chemistry between them was obvious, and I loved watching their relationship grow.

The trust between them was immediate, which meant that they made an excellent team. I was rooting for them all the way through! But I didn't just love the 'good guys' - the 'bad guys' were just as awesome and enigmatic! At first, we obviously don't know who the antagonist is - that has to be discovered through the story - but we do know that something really sinister is going on. I always love a good bad guy, and Memory definitely has that!

What really made this book so special, though, was the unique creativity behind the storyline. I have never read anything quite like this book, and I doubt I will again. Even though the story is set in London, it's also set in its own unique world, where ghosts host parties in their tombs, young boys and foxes party with them, magic is real, and truly frightening and disturbing creatures lurk in the shadows.

I had no idea where the story was going to lead me, and I was more than happy to go along with it, wherever it wanted to go.

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There were so many twists and turns in the plot, that I never once caught on to what might happen next, and the ending - even though everything was already starting to fall into place - still managed to shock me! It was one hell of a story! I am yet to be disappointed by Christoph Marzi and his wonderfully magical tales. Their fairy tale-like quality, with a dark twist, brings to mind many of Neil Gaiman's masterpieces, and he writes with the elegance and skill of a true master!

I can't wait to see what he'll come up with next! May 31, StefanieEmmy rated it liked it. Story bleibt sehr lange eine blasse Figur - vielleicht bringt das auch einfach ihre Hintergrundgeschichte mit sich. Man braucht sie, um die Seele des Menschen zu erfassen [ Mit Jude war das ganz anders. Ich zumindest geh jetzt mal recherchieren View all 4 comments. Jan 11, Ms. Smartarse rated it liked it Shelves: german , contemporary , ghost-story , young-adult , fantasy.

This book has been translated into English as Memory. You might not even be aware of it, but Jude Finney could very well be one of your classmates. He's happy enough avoiding everyone, and is not particularly interested in academic activities either. I bet however, that you remember him handing in a nearly blank test paper, right? If you're a resident of the Highgate Cemetery however, then Jude Finney is definitely one of the coolest persons you know.

For one, he's probably the only human being This book has been translated into English as Memory. For one, he's probably the only human being who can see you now that you're a ghost. Jude's great at parties: he can play the guitar decently and generally makes for a suitably captivating audience member for your stories.

And last but not least, if you're looking like a ghost, but not actually feeling like one yet He's your age, very nice to you, AND willing to help you acclimate to your new situation. Memory was yet another book I chose for its lovely cover the German edition , however unlike Die Magier von Montparnasse , it didn't end up disappointing me. I loved the general atmosphere throughout the entire story. It was creepy enough, after all most of it takes places in cemeteries Highgate, Abney Park, Kensington , but not horror-story territory.

I really loved the mystery aspect of it all. I would've happily given it a full 4-star rating, if things hadn't gone downhill right at the end. It felt like a completely different story, from a completely different genre, which didn't end up adding anything useful to the overall plot. I was going to read Heaven as well, but now I'm rather dreading doing so. Oct 27, Chontarelli rated it did not like it. The premise of this novel was so promising: a ghost with no memory, a ghost who might actually still be alive, a ghost who must race to find her body before time runs out.

The reality, however, is that this is a dull, monotonous story that never really hooked me, and that was more like a chore to read than an enjoyable pastime. Jude, the main character, is flat, lifeless, and quite honestly, a bit of an annoying brat. I know it's supposed to be endearing that he's utterly indifferent to everythi The premise of this novel was so promising: a ghost with no memory, a ghost who might actually still be alive, a ghost who must race to find her body before time runs out. I know it's supposed to be endearing that he's utterly indifferent to everything going on around him, but to me, it was just irritating.

Then there's Story. She's the ghost with no memory, who Jude must help find her body before her body dies. Story has even less of a personality than Jude. She's just there , seemingly around just to proliferate stilted, stale conversation. And to be completely honest, there's a part of me that just wanted her to hurry up and die, or fade into obscurity, or whatever. And then there's the plot, which is meandering, directionless and just plain confusing at parts. It wants to be paranormal, but it also wants to be mythological, and it doesn't really blend very well.

First of all, ghosts can eat and sleep who knew? Does it disappear, does it fall out their ghostly throats, or does it go through their digestive tracts and become, erm Ghost poop. I feel like Marzi added some of these things in as an afterthought, without really giving them much consideration or logical constraint. And don't even get me started on the stone angels. What's their point? They could have provided interesting plot conflict, but instead they're hastily added to the story, are glossed over briefly, and don't really seem to serve any purpose whatsoever.

And then there's the whole, "ghosts have to stay with their body" thing, that just really annoyed me. What happens if a person is cremated, or explodes, or sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic? What happens to the ghost then? These things are never really addressed in detail, and it's a gaping plot hole that frustrated me from the first chapter.

Ghosts are supposed to be boundless, and yet they must stay tethered to their bodies for all eternity? And, this isn't really a criticism per se, but the culture and language differences really do abound Christoph Marzi is a German-born author; the version of Memory that I read was set in London. It's like he Googled English slang and tried to jam it in at every opportunity, completely irregardless of context and social sub-classes. Jude and Story don't act or speak like teenagers. It's more like an alien story than a ghost story. Overall, I was just disappointed. The other books that Marzi has written also have really interesting plots, but I'm reluctant to buy them after the horror that Memory turned out to be.

Even just this tiny little blurb was enough to get me excited for this book. Tell me it's a ghost story set in the cemeteries of London and I'm all in. I wasn't sure what to expect beyond that, so I wouldn't say I was disappointedbut I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped. Christoph Marzi's Memory has a bit of a mishmash of things going on: a fun cast of characters, a likable main character, a mystery, some chills and thrills, and a last minute direction change that left me feeling like it was Even just this tiny little blurb was enough to get me excited for this book. Christoph Marzi's Memory has a bit of a mishmash of things going on: a fun cast of characters, a likable main character, a mystery, some chills and thrills, and a last minute direction change that left me feeling like it was too different from the rest of the book to be a satisfying twist.

Jude is a sweetheart. He recently discovered that he can see ghosts and enjoys spending his days in the cemetery with his newfound ghost friends. Despite being seventeen, Jude read much younger for me. I couldn't help but picture him as closer to 13 or 14 from his personality throughout the book. One day he finds a girl on a bench and discovers that she's not quite a ghost and not quite alive. He brings her to Gaskell, an eccentric and long-dead rock star, and Miss Rathbone, a living not-quite-human who also hangs with the cemetery crowd.

They name her Story and realize that her current state means she is not dead, but in danger of dying if they don't find her body soon. She has no memory except for a few details, so Jude follows the meager clues to find out who she is and what happened to her. And so, the adventure begins. Their quest is filled with stories within stories; legends, backstories, histories. At times, this made the story all the more rich. But there were also times when the pacing and plot felt bogged down with overabundant and sometimes insignificant details.

I was surprised by a lot of the quirkiness and humor. The story's mood swings from comical to sweet, spine-chilling to joyful, casual to fantastical. There are so many characters and creatures that it is sometimes hard to follow, but the main crew is colorful and fun to read.

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  5. There are more than a few nods to every corner of British culture: Mary Poppins a chalk artist in the park that calls himself Van Dyke , The Beatles both musically and the main characters are named Jude and well, I won't tell you Story's real name Who creepy angel statues that attack, creatures that you can only see out of the corner of your eye All in all, a mostly fun read with a few drawbacks and distractions.

    Despite my own few quirks with it, I do recommend giving Memory a try for a lighter Halloween read! Sep 29, Seychella rated it liked it Shelves: deutsche-fantasy. Diese Geschichte spielt mal wieder in London und handelt von Jude, der eines Tages entdeckt, dass er Geister sehen kann. Jude freundet sich mit ihnen an und verbringt so einige Zeit auf dem Friedhof. Star cellists, outstanding young cellists and excellent chamber music ensembles will illuminate the entire panorama of their instrument in numerous concerts and discussions.

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