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The overall point is that our journey from Aries to Pisces, with all of its wisdom gathering, and pain, and strife, is a critical step in our spiritual journey into this realm and back out again. The fact that they are so widespread points to them being expressions of the deepest hopes and aspirations of all humankind. To say that they are originally metaphors drawn from the observations of farmers is not to belittle their spiritual significance in any way. This is why the intelligence that we have to awaken in Pisces is fearlessness.

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This is akin to being in an enlightened state of inner peace and understanding. It is through this great journey of inner alchemy that Pisces experiences the innate suffering that all humans are subject to. By consciously working to transcend her personal neurosis, consciously working to transform her acquired patterns of suffering and confusion into positive self-expression, Pisces grows a soul of deep compassion, one capable of forgiving those that have injured her.

How to Hear God Talk to You! - Jesse Duplantis on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

It is offered to us while we are still in the flesh. The sleep of the apostles in Gethsemane, which can hardly be historical in view of the danger they were about to encounter, is itself Piscean, and contrasts with the wakeful agony of Jesus who is prepared to undergo his destined transformation regardless of personal cost.

The cycle has ended only to begin again as we continue to spiral, onwards and upwards, or backwards and downward — towards our eventual liberation. I was recently in contact with an old friend, just long enough for her to try to make a big deal out of my spiritual breakdown two and a half….

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The intelligence we need to summon in Capricorn is best illustrated in a lesson by the Zen Buddhist master Dae Kwang: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill…. I got my copy right after I heard Aslan speak in Austin, Texas.

The Journey into Feminine Spirituality

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    December 19, 0 comment. October 25, 0 comment. The 12 Intelligences — Seeking Fearlessness in Pisces February 21 to March 20 After our month journey through the first 11 signs of the zodiac, we finally come to the last sign: the fish. They witness how things God has told her become manifest in her life. Many people have revised their lives and sought inwards upon having talked to her. They really want to learn to understand themselves and be able to find the answers to all life's riddles within their hearts.

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    The First Encounters of the Holy Spirit of God with Man

    Publisher: PublishAmerica , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis A soul named Heidi Elisabeth Hansen, who has profound spiritual insights and from the bottom of her heart wants to help others to find the way to establish the connection with God in the spiritual heart which leads to greatly easing the path to God realization. Create a Want. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.