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Weimar, LaborPraxis, 12, 30 in german. Stuurman, M. Weimar, A. Paul, B. Weimar, LaborPraxis, 3, 58 in german. Nickel, A. Paul, LaborPraxis, 11, 78 in german. Brandt, V.

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Warneck Ed. Braun, M. Hohmann, in: Chromatography, O. Kaiser, R. Kaiser, H. Gunz, W. Meyer-Dulheuer, M. Jirovetz, G. Buchhauer, P. Shafi, M. Rosamma, M. Buchbauer, M. Geissler, Chromatographia, 53, SS Ngassoum, M. A, , Geissler, M. Parmentier, European Food Research and Technology, , Denkova, A. Stoyanova, I. Murgov, E. Schmidt, M. Geissler, Scientia Pharmaceutica, 73, Geissler, J.

Applications of Ultrasound in the Synthesis of organofluorine compounds

Essential Oil-bearing Plants , 8, Oppermann, M. Egelkraut-Holtus, M. Geissler, GIT, 05, Buchbauer, G. Denkova, I. Stoyvona, A. In its natural origin, perchlorate was found to originate from atmospheric deposition, possibly from chloride aerosol being exposed to an electrical discharge in the presence of ozone [ 1 ].

In Chile saltpetre [ 2 ], perchlorate is found as a natural impurity, and it is also of anthropogenic origin due to its use as solid propellant for rockets, missiles, fireworks, pyrotechnics, flares, matches, ordnance, and explosives [ 3 ]. Perchlorate is of toxicological interest because it impairs normal thyroid function by interfering with iodine uptake by the thyroid gland and the production of important thyroid hormones [ 4 , 5 ].

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Iodine-containing hormones are essential for early childhood development [ 6 ]. Hypothyroidism, a disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, in early stages of pregnancy bears the risk for impaired physical and mental development of the human foetus [ 7 ]. In Germany, perchlorate was detected in groundwater close to intensively farmed areas in North Rhine-Westphalia with a maximum value of 5.

The German Federal Environment Agency UBA is in discussions regarding the addition of perchlorate to the parameter list in the technical regulations for the testing standard of inline electrolysis plants used for drinking water and swimming pool water disinfection [ 16 ]. Perchlorate contamination of agricultural soils and products using already polluted surface and groundwater sources for irrigation may be assumed. In addition, after-crop disinfection techniques for fruit and vegetable treatment where perchlorate can be formed as a by-product could be an additional source for perchlorate in food [ 11 ].

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Early in , the European Commission released a statement regarding the presence of perchlorate in food in which the EU Member States, with the active involvement of food business operators, were requested to monitor the presence of perchlorate in food [ 17 ]. The determination of perchlorate is therefore of the highest interest for public health. As a result several standardization organizations have developed methods for the determination of perchlorate in matrices addressing the uptake through food and most importantly through drinking water.

Several analytical approaches are already published to determine trace perchlorate in aqueous samples. All of these techniques are already standardized by the EPA. EPA Specific for EPA The different chromatographic characteristics of the concentrator and separator columns to be used in accordance EPA Currently, an ISO working group is developing an internationally applicable standard for water quality control based on suppressed conductivity detection with and without heart-cutting techniques [ 16 ].

In our work, we focussed on perchlorate determinations that are being carried out by direct sample injection without heart-cutting techniques using standard analytical IC equipment, addressing the laboratory workflow needs, as well as the analytical and financial requirements of future users. This should promote a broader acceptance of the planned standard method, thus facilitating its integration in the method collection of interested laboratories. This article refers to extended validation experiments based on the EPA The water used fulfilled the requirements of ISO , Grade 1 [ 22 ] and had a specific resistance of The perchlorate solution from CPAchem was used for the method validation and calibration experiments, while the perchlorate solution from SCP Science served as an independent source for quality control measurements.

The ion exchange cartridges were operated in vertical direction using a Supelco port-Visiprep SPE vacuum manifold before sample feed. The following fraction was used for the analysis. Tests for blank values, adsorption, and memory effects were investigated for comparison with the filter materials. All of the cartridges checked showed no blank signal, perchlorate losses, or memory effects for water or synthetic samples. The entire flow path was metal free. Columns and suppressor were in the 2-mm format, and data acquisition and evaluation were done using the Dionex Chromeleon 6.

Statistical performance data, calibration approach, and the working conditions were evaluated based on ISO standard methods [ 24 , 25 ] for a concentration decade e. For routine analysis, a minimum of 5 concentration levels were calibrated each day of operation for the defined working range. For both, a first-order calibration was applied.

Although a number of values were identified as outliers according to Grubbs-test, no value was eliminated for the following calculations.

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Both peak area and peak height integration were used. Perchlorate peak area and peak height recovery in drinking water using different injection volumes. Chloride, sulphate, and carbonate, as well as metals can be removed using cation exchangers in the Ag-, Ba-, and H-form [ 23 ]. The Ba-form resin needs to be activated either by calcium ions present in the sample or with a calcium chloride solution added to the sample to ensure that barium ions are available for the precipitation reaction with sulphate.

Regardless of this possibility, the addition of calcium chloride solution was carried out in this study for all samples with unknown calcium loads. These data were within the range EPA As long as this criterion was fulfilled, the chromatogram was integrated and the cartridge was used. In case of lower resolution—an indirect indication of lower matrix ion removal due to the exhaustive use of the cartridge—the original sample was treated with a new cartridge. The effect of sample preparation can be seen in Fig. In order to estimate the possible influence of the cartridge treatment on the perchlorate result, the equivalency of the analytical data obtained by direct sample injection fundamental analytical procedure and of the data obtained after injecting the sample after treatment overall analytical procedure the method of orthogonal regression described in [ 29 ] was used.

Possible constant-systematic deviations were tested by the joined t- test and for potential proportional-systematic deviations the Chi-square -test was applied. Both statistical evaluations were applied to the perchlorate calibration 1. No proportional-systematic or constant-systematic deviations were found, proving the statistical equivalency of non-treated sample measurement and treated sample measurement. Due to this result, a calibration of the fundamental analytical procedure could be applied to all of the measurements for this study.

Although perchlorate solutions are widely considered stable, reports indicate the possibility of reductive decomposition under anaerobic conditions [ 30 , 31 ]. Consequently, the stability of aqueous perchlorate solutions 1. Following these procedures, no significant changes of the 7. Precision data for the calculation of random uncertainty components were taken from control charts, from replicate analyses, and calibration experiments.

Systematic uncertainty components were calculated from the mean recovery of the 7. Random and systematic uncertainty contributions were merged for the calculation of the combined measurement uncertainty u c. Multiplication of u c by 2 gave a resulting expanded measurement uncertainty of The perchlorate retention times of a 7.