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With the one week diet plan, you could lose up to seven pounds in seven days. that meals can be thrown together fast, making the diet even easier to stick to!.

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A puppy cannot tell you when they have to go pee or poop, they just go. It is your responsibility to know to take the puppy outside, since they will have to go to the bathroom several times each day. When you take your new puppy outside, teach them to eliminate in a certain spot, and then give them a treat and praise. Continue to do this each time you take them outside, tell them to go "potty" and wait for them to go.

As soon as they are done, reward them with praise and a treat, and take them back inside. When you take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom, when you take him or her out, just stand still, and let the dog do their business. When they are finally doing their business, while they are doing it, just stand there and say, "Good Potty" "Good Baby" and talk sweet to them, until they are done. When they are done, give them praise and a treat. Continue doing this until you only use praise, and the dog will learn to go outside and do his or her businesses quickly, and then back inside.

Under no circumstances should you ever leave your new puppy unsupervised. If you have to do something, he or she should be in their crate safe and sound. By all means, give your dog some rawhide treats! They are good for them, and dogs love them! Rawhide is great for cleaning your dog's teeth, and it also gives your Puggle something to chew on, besides your couch or favorite pair of shoes! When looking at rawhide, try to find the biggest pieces, because you don't want the smaller bone fragments that break off the smaller ones for your Puggle.

You would be smart to ask your vet, or shop around for the best quality rawhide you can find. It comes in many different styles, and even fun filled treats inside some of them, to keep your Puggle entertained! It is best to supervise your dog with a rawhide chew, as it could come apart and get lodged in the dog's throat, but that is extremely rare, but still could happen.

Just as any toy or treat you give your pet, should be supervised. When your dog has chewed on a big piece of rawhide, and it is soft and gooey, take it away, and give them a new one. Let the old one harden up again, and you can give it back to them later. A bored Puggle will have more stress, because he or she is bored, and a rawhide treat will keep them more occupied and entertained! It is hard to tell if good rawhide comes from the United States, or other countries, so it is best to get the best quality you can find. If you were a new Puggle puppy, wouldn't you want your new home to be warm, comfortable, secure and inviting!

Sure you would, and your new Puggle puppy, or even a full grown older dog, loves a nice secure home to sleep in! You want your Puggle puppy or dog to have a secure place to rest and go to, when you want them to be in a secure place while you're away. To begin with a new puppy, you would want to have a good size crate, one they can stand up and lie down in, and turn around comfortably, but not to big either.

You would want to leave the door open in the beginning, and just get your Puggle used to the crate. You would put a treat at the opening of the crate, and let your puppy or dog go and eat it. You would continue until you are putting the treats in the back of the crate, and your Puggle feels comfortable going inside.

You want them to get used to getting a treat for going inside, and then later turn it into praise. This will be their home. You would put their food and water inside, and with training, it will become their own little den, a place they like to sleep. After you have your Puggle going inside, it is time to shut the door jut for a very short period of time, 1 to 2 minutes. You would give your Puggle a treat while inside, and praise, then open the door back up.

You never want to use the crate as punishment. Don't put them in the crate when they have been bad. They will associate that with being put in the crate, and you want them to feel good and secure in their spot. Put their crate out of the way, but not totally out of the way. Somewhere in a room the family shares, but in his or her own little corner, make it a nice home for them.

If you are going to be gone, and have to leave your Puggle in his crate for a long period of time, try to get them their favorite toys. A toy with a snack inside, that takes time to get out, so they are occupied for a while, because you want them to associate going into their crate, as a fun place to go. If you want to know when you should spray or neuter your dog, please read on and learn more. When the ovarian hysterectomy of the female species is described, it is called spraying. On the other hand castrating a male species is known as neutering.

Both are surgical treatments and can be done by a qualified veterinarian. This makes the dog incapable of having babies in future. The procedure is very beneficial for you and your dog. When is the right time to spray or neuter? Is it important to have your dog neutered? Yes it is important to have your dog neutered. Take a look at the animal shelters around; there numbers are increasing and the population of dogs with them increasing by the day.

Would you rather have the current dogs neutered and avoid over population or would you want them to grow only to be left out and euthanized later on? Not everyone is a willing adopter, due to many reasons. Some even abandon their pets, again for various reasons, hence neutering your pet helps. The health and behavioral benefits: When you neuter the dog, he would live a happy life and a longer life, not to forget a healthier life.

When you spray the dog, she would be devoid of the mating heat crying syndrome, when she is in heat. Plus there is a lot of mess when the dog is in heat, and she would thank you dearly for getting her sprayed on time, which avoids such a mess. For females, when you spray them, the chances of getting breast cancer yes it happens to dogs as well in the first heat cycle is minimized and prevented altogether. She also would be saved from uterine cancer and infections as well.

Hopefully now you might understand why neutering and spraying the dog would be good for them. Always speak to your vet and then make a decision on whether the pet needs to be neutered or not. Too many dogs have been abandoned at animal shelters, just for the sole purpose of the dog making potty mistakes in the wrong places, and not being properly trained. It is best to start with your vet about any medical problems, before you move forward. Some dogs may have a urinary infection. Spayed females may have some small leaking at times where they lie down or sleep. One of the most common symptoms is separation anxiety.

If the dog has gone thru some new changes, or there has been a change in the household, it could be affecting your Puggle. Another problem might be submissive urination, which occurs when your dog first sees you when you come home. They may exhibit uncontrollable urinating and submissive behavior, like rolling on his or her back.

One way to help remedy this, is to immediately take your Puggle outside right when you get home, and try to stay calm and low beat when just greeting your dog, to help him or her get less excited. Some dogs will perform a marking behavior by lifting their hind leg and urinating. This is most common in unneutered male dogs that have not been neutered.

If a male dog is neutered around 6 months of age, this will usually cure this behavior. A male dog should be neutered if he is not intended for breeding, or there is a medical reason while your dog should not be neutered. If you see your Puggle getting ready to go potty, immediately clap your hands together, or use another device to get their attention, and immediately take them outside. A dog is not considered housebroken until he or she has not had an accident for around 45 days in a row. You can easily train your young Puggle to go outside; when you notice that he or she is sniffing around like they want to go.

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After they just ate, had a bath, just woke up, or just your gut instinct that your Puggle might go potty inside. If you need to be gone from your Puggle for an extended period of time, you should keep him or her in a crate or cage.

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Make sure you do not give them an oversize crate or cage, or they will use that space to go potty. If you need to train an adult Puggle, do it just like you would a puppy! Give them the right guidance, and train them just like you would a puppy. An adult dog needs to urinate roughly 3 to 4 times a day, and defecate once or twice daily.

When your puppy or adult Puggle does a bad thing inside, in a firm and stern voice, say "Bad Dog", and then take then outside where you would like them to go, and tell them "Good Dog. To potty train a puppy or adult dog, you must lay down newspapers, and bring the puppy to the newspapers, and say "Good Dog" at that spot. When you catch your puppy starting to go, get them if you still can, and tell them "Bad Dog", and then put them on the newspaper, and tell them "Good Dog", and after they go, give them praise.

You would start out with a wide section of newspapers on the floor in the beginning, and then slowly you can decrease the size to a manageable spot. Give your Puggle a little time to get used to this. They will learn to go on the newspapers when they get praise. Use a stern voice when they go in the wrong spot, they would rather have praise, and will learn to go on the newspapers!

Dogs and owners usually love a good game of fetch. Especially if your dog brings the item back to you, and gives it to you, or drops it at your feet. Playing fetch is a great way to spend quality time with your puppy or dog. You can easily teach your puppy or dog to fetch with a few simple commands. Dogs used to be taught to fetch, so that they could help police and others fetch guns and drugs from the bad guys. One of the best ways to teach your puppy or dog to fetch is to use 2 identical toys. This is called the bait and switch system. What you would do is hide one of the toys on your person, and then toss the other toy away from you, not too far in the beginning, so that your dog can visually keep an eye on the object.

You would keep your dog on his or her leash, since you want them to chase the object when you give the word fetch, not when they see you throw it. They should not leave until the command of fetch is given to them. You would hide one of the toys on your body, then toss the other toy away, and then unleash your dog, and tell them to fetch.

When your dog goes and gets the toy, and brings it back by you, but does not drop it. You pull out the other toy, and pretend like that is the fun toy to have, and then get your dog to want that toy instead. When they drop the toy in their mouth, you throw the other toy, and say fetch again, and pick up the toy they dropped when the run off again. If your dog is not toy motivated, you could try rubbing some of their favorite food product on it, and then trying it that way, it will be hard for aw dog to resist when it is slimmed with their favorite food product.

If your dog does not take to any of the fetch play, then you might have to force them to fetch. You would do this, by throwing the toy, and saying fetch, and if your dog does not move, you physically walk them over to the toy, and wait by the toy, until the dog picks it up, and if you have meat spread on it, they will pick it up, or change their favorite food on it. When your dog picks up the toy, gives lots of praise for doing a good job. You should find good items to play fetch with your dog with.

A stick you find in the woods is not the best thing, when your dog is running with it, it can get stuck in the ground and jab them, and it can also have disease and germs from the actual tree it came from. It is best to start out with small throws, so your dog can visually see the item, and you won't have to walk as far, if your dog does not cooperate in the beginning, and you have to teach him or her for a bit, before they pick it up. Once you have your dog fetching for you, it will be a sport you both love and cherish.

You can make is much easier on your Puggle when it comes to eating. Some dogs you can leave their food out for them, and they do not over eat. Other dogs may over eat until they get bloated, or they gobble it down super-fast, and have gas problems and more serious problems. To find out how much your dog should be eating, you should check with your vet. If they eat the whole bowl, give them more next time, if they don't eat it all, give them less each time.

You could measure it, and then come up with the right amount for your dog for each meal. For dogs that gobble down their food so fast, the pet supply places sell dog bowls that have inserts in the bowl, so the dog would have to slow down to eat. You would never want to give your dog just one meal a day. You should feed them twice a day, and at the same time each day, so they can count on their schedule, just like people seem to love, breakfast, lunch and dinner!

For large size dogs, it is harder on them and their joints when they have to bend over to get their head down to the ground to get a drink of water, and that is bad for their joints, especially if they are young still. Some pet supply stores sell water and food bowls that go in a stand and make it higher off the ground, and that makes it easier for your puppy or dog to swallow, as their body is more parallel to the ground while eating.

A raised water and eating bowl, will make your dog more comfortable when eating, and it's especially great if they have muscle or joint problems, and you want your dog to have a happy and healthy life. Just like people, some dogs don't drink enough water sometimes. If you can get your dog to drink more water, it will be much better and healthier for them. You can get one of the bowls from the pet supply store that gives a continuous supply of cool water, and your dog might enjoy it even more!

Separation anxiety can happen in any dog, at any age, and for any reason. Doctors are not totally sure why this happens, but they agree that is happens more in dogs that were not properly nurtured as puppies, had new moves, or a new schedule. The dog might be moved around as a puppy, and these things can make a dog have separation anxiety. Some of the things a dog might do could be excessive, like: howling, barking, whining, pacing, chewing, scratching, digging, urinating and defecating. As the time goes on, the systems become worse, the dog might break his teeth, rip his or her nails, and injure themselves.

It seems to happen in pets that did not have much socializing as puppies. One good way to teach your Puggle something good is to find a quiet place for just you and the dog, and get them to relax by you. When you have them relaxed, give them a treat. You can do this and slowly back away, and put more distance in between you and the dog, slowly separating the two of you.

Another good technique, is be misleading your dog. They might be accustomed to your car keys shaking, meaning you are leaving, or you putting on your jacket, or other signs your dog might read, that lets them know you are leaving.

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Try picking up your car keys several times a day, and not leave. Put your jacket on, and take it back off, several times a day. Your dog might already have a routine, that you subconsciously, don't even realize it. When you come home, pretend that you don't even notice the dog, until he or she has calmed down, and then when they have relaxed, give them a treat or praise.

Another way is to give your dog some excitement. Could you imagine being cooped up all day long, while your owner is out working, and you have to play with the same old toy, day in and day out?

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If you turn the lights on 30 minutes early, or give your dog a new toy, with a secret treat inside, that will keep them occupied, and spice up their day. If you were a pet, would you not want to be treated that way? Remember, young dogs still have lots of energy. If you come home and find your favorite chair in threads, you might want to consider increasing your younger dogs exercise pattern. They should be exercised twice a day, from 30 to 45 minutes each time.

You could teach them commands; teach them to play fetch, and other good times. Your Puggle needs plenty of exercise to feel like a dog. Most dogs were breed for a certain job. A herder, a Shepard, a hunting dog, and more. A dog has these instincts in their blood; you need to make sure they get plenty of exercise. If your Puggle has a fear of loud noises, gun shots, fireworks, thunderstorms, and other loud noises, it is a very common among dogs.

If he or she is displaying signs like shaking, trembling, hiding, trying to run away, barking, urinating or uncontrollable pooping, these could be some of the signs. You can sometimes treat this with behavior modifications, general change of environment, and even prescription medicines. One of the best ways to make the dog better, is to change his or her own living environment around. You should increase the dogs daily exercise program, to make him physically more drained. Give your pet his or her own space. Pets love to feel secure and protected. Try to make the a crate or sleeping area, that gives them comfort, and has some walls up around them, so they don't feel like that have to worry about things coming at them from all directions.

Dogs usually like to find nice places to relax and sleep. Like under chairs, tables, and places where they feel safe. Give your Puggle a more noise friendly atmosphere. You could turn on a radio, or run a fan or other mechanical noise maker that is peaceful and continuous.

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This is good if the dog can hear noise outside, like kids yelling and playing, or other dogs barking, or construction going on. It helps tone down the noise with other continuous noise, to calm the dog. Don't overly give your dog extra added attention, like petting him or her longer, they might interrupt that as a good reward for acting bad, just treat your dog normally. One fun way to try and teach your dog not to be afraid, is to give him or her their favorite treat or snack, each time the loud noise is going to come.

If it is a thunderstorm, each time the loud bang comes, give your dog a treat, they will look forward to more thunderstorms! If you want to train your dog not to be afraid, you can obtain CD's or downloads from the internet of thunderstorms, fireworks, gun shots, etc You will gradually increase the volume over time, and give your dog a treat when she does not freak out to the sound.

Slowly increase the volume each training session, then slowly do less and less training, until your Puggle does not have any more fear of the loud noises. If this does not suit you, there are medicines available from your veterinarian, that you can give to your dog before a storm or load noises, to calm him or her down, the old fashioned way, with prescription drugs. You should be able to find noises on line very easily, with all the major search engines, just type in thunderstorm sounds, and you will be on your way!

It is your dog's way of getting your attention, and the best way he or she knows, is jumping up on you when they see you, and want to greet you and get some attention from you. This is almost always cute when your Puggle is a puppy, but when he or she gets bigger, that would get old really fast! You need to teach your puppy not to jump up and get excited when they see you.

Some of the best ways to teach your Puggle not to jump up on people, and you don't want guests and family members avoiding your dog that jumps up on people, now do you! The best way to curb this is to not be excited when you see your dog, and don't make eye contact. When your dog goes to jump up on you, turn your body so he or she slides down. Keep doing this, and don't talk to the dog, just use your body language.

Keep turning to the side until your dog finally settles down, and then when he or she is standing calm, give them praise for being calm. Your Puggle should learn to be calmer, and they will get the praise they desire, much sooner. Make sure you have all the other family members on board, if one person lets the dog jump up, he or she will be confused, so get the whole family into the training program!

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How to build a whelping box for your Puggle, or any other size dog for that matter, just change the sizes. You can determine what size whelping box you need, by making sure your dog has plenty of room to walk around the whelping box. The purpose of the whelping box is to make sure that the mother does not get one of the puppies lodged between her and the box, and squeezes them to death.

The floor will be a 4 x 4 piece, and use 2 x 2 woods to make a frame on the inside and along the edges for a nice look. Take 6 inch wide PVC piping you can buy from any hardware store, and cut 6 inch pieces off of the PVC, and used them for the legs inside. Use plastic PVC elbow joints to connect them together to a perfect 4 foot square that you could raise and lower pretty easy into the whelping box. When you have the plastic PVC piping inside the box, it makes it harder for the mom to lay down against the sides of the box, when she is feeding her puppies, and if one gets stuck behind her when she moves around all the time, it gives the puppy that added air-vent below that keeps the moms weight off the puppy, and the puppy can survive.

Teaching your puppy or dog to sit does not have to be hard at all. The Sit command is a great tool to make your dog behave, and not get hurt if something is going on, and you want them to sit to be safe. It does not matter if you have a puppy or a dog, you can easily teach him or her to sit on command. You just need to remember, that not every dog will pick things up on the first time, so make sure you have some patience while training.

To teach your puppy or dog to sit, it is important to remember not to do this if you are in a bad mood or frustrated, it is not a good time to teach your dog to sit. Some dogs will learn faster than others, and some will pick it up right away, so just have some patience with them. You might want to try to teach your dog the sit command, when he or she is getting hungry.

That way they will want to get the treats you are giving to them when they do good. Find a good quiet spot, where there are not distractions from other people and animals. Later you will want to add these distractions in so your dog can learn to sit. Even on a city sidewalk, or at the city park, you want your dog to behave when they are supposed to. You would want your dog to be standing in front of you, and then with a piece of treat in your fingers, show the dog the treat, and keep it about nose level. If you keep it to high, the dog might try to jump to get the treat.

They should sit down while looking at the treat, and when they sit, say Good Dog, and give them the treat. You would want to teach your dog with treats and praise, and then slowly wean your dog off of the treats, and stick to praise and love. You should not put your dog in the sit hold for very long at the beginning, so your dog does not get bored right off the bat. Continue practicing with your dog several times a day. Make sure you exchange the treats for praise, and your dog will be much safer when you need them to sit and wait for you, when you give the command.

You would want to give your new Puggle puppy, or any adult Puggle dog, a nice big soft bed to sleep in. Usually a dog that is sleeping on a hard surface, gets calluses on their bodies, and if it gets worse, they call that Hygroma, which can become infected, and filled up, and need medical attention.

The best way to avoid this is to give your Puggle a nice soft bed. They are going to be a good dog, and fun, and you don't want them to be in pain later in life. The pet business if filled with tons of different types of soft plush beds for puppies and dogs. Give your Puggle the bed he or she deserves, and they will love you for it! It is not uncommon for adult Puggle dogs to sleep twice as long as people threw out the day and night.

Your Puggle spends a lot of time sleeping, and if he or she has any arthritis or joint problems, they even have special orthopedic beds for older dogs. Your Puggle will appreciate having a nice soft comfortable bed to call his or her own. Just like you enjoy a nice soft mattress to sleep on. Your Puggle deserves the same from you, and being that they are such a large size breed dog, they need it even more! It is not good at all for your Puggle puppy or dog to try to run away every chance they can, or bolt out the door whenever you open it!

This could be one of the worst things for your puppy or dog, as they could get lost or hurt, and you don't want that! The reason they like to run away is many different reasons, and if you can curb some of the reasons, it will make it much better for you and your puppy or dog.

Puggle Dog Care and Understanding Guide Book

Dogs are usually rewarded when they break out and run away and explore. They can find other dogs they can run with sometimes, or a cat they can chase down the street or up a tree. They might see a child that they never saw before, and wants to be petted by them. They might find a mate dog out there, and they want to go to them. They could tip over the neighbors trash cans, and find interesting things to rummage thru.

There are just all sorts of reasons a dog gets rewarded when they break out, or bolt out the door and take off on you, but still so dangerous! Whatever the reason your Puggle is trying to break out, if you can contain some of the ways and reasons, it will make it much easier for you. For example: if the fence is loose in a certain spot, and he or she gets out there, by all means, fix it!

If the dog can see the mail delivery person coming each day, maybe you could put some tarps up so your dog cannot see out, or even moving the mail box to a different location so you dog does not see it anymore. You need to take away the temptation that gets them wound up in the first place.

You want to make it less inviting for your puppy or dog to break out, than to stay around and stay home. If you take away some of the obstacles, and make it harder for them to break out, that is good. You also want to make their desire to leave and runaway less too. Some dogs just have a natural instinct to want to get away and be with the pack, be it dogs or humans. It's a natural instinct, and you can curb it, but you can't take it out of your dog. You can learn a few home trick remedies, but nothing would be as good as you and your dog attending dog obedience classes together!

You would learn much more in detail, and your dog would respect you, and wait for your guidance. It would want to please you, rather than bolting out the door on you. Some little tricks you can do yourself, would be to be by the door, and you open the door when your dog comes, if he or she stops at the door and does not go out, you give them praise and a treat.

If he or she bolts from the door, you get them back, and then you do it again. This time, you let the door almost come closed, but you keep it open just a little bit. When the dog sits or stays and the door is still partly open, you give them a treat and praise again. Repeat this until you have the dog sitting in front of the door, and he or she does not go out, and you give them praise and a treat, until you could rely on praise only. The only time the dog should want to go thru the open door, is when you go first, and tell the dog to "Come" and he or she will follow you.

If you never go out the door or call them, they should stay inside, unless called. Any dog that breaks out of his or her yard, or bolts from an open door, can end up being a tragic situation for the dog, especially if there are passing cars nearby. You want to take care of this problem immediately, before your puppy or dog gets hurt or killed. Some dog crates, one or two for the house, and one for the car. You would want to get some fencing for the back yard, and as you know, Puggle are going to be really big dogs when they grow up!

Collars and leashes, you would actually need several, for training purposes. A collar should be used only when training, but they are common on most every dog, just make sure you have a good fitting one, and watch your puppy, to make sure he or she does not get it caught, a collar should not be left on, but dog owners do it all the time it seems, so just be extra careful. To puppy will learn the commands, over time, no puppy gets it all right the first time, there will be mistakes, but in the long run, you will have a much better trained dog.

The first day you bring you new puppy home, try to make it when you have plenty of time off of work or school, so that the puppy is not immediate left alone, and insecure. It whines when it cries for its mother, when it wants to eat, and is crying out for attention. That is where the towel or sock with the mothers scent rubbed on it, comes in handy to put inside the crate. Puggle dogs like to be included with the family, they are not that happy if just left in the back yard, they like to be included with the family, so keep that in mind and have fun with your new Puggle puppy!

Continue to do this, each time you take them outside, tell them to go "potty" and wait for them to go. When take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom, when you take him or her out, just stand still, and let the dog do their business. When they are finally doing their business, while they are doing it, just stand there, and say, "Good Potty" "Good Baby" and talk sweet to them, until they are done. Continue doing this until you only use praise, and the dog will learn to go outside, and do his or her businesses quickly, and then back inside.

If you have to do something, he or she should be in their crate, safe and sound. All dogs should be socialized as puppies, before they are 16 weeks old. This is the most important time in a dog's life. This is the time that will shape them, and determine what kind of friendly dog they will turn out to be. This is the time your puppy should get to know people, and other dogs and animals.

This is the most important part of a puppy's life, and will determine how his or her behavior is when they grow up, and what type of personality they will have. This is the most important time to get close and bond to your Puggle puppy, and introduce your puppy to things in his or her life. You may introduce your puppy to rides in cars, or meeting new people, or going on a walk in the park.

Your puppy will also be meeting new surroundings and things on his or her own, like plants, wild animals, birds, cats, things they might come across on their own, without you, so they need to be prepared for life. You want your new puppy to adjust well to his or her new world. You don't want to leave them in a kennel all day, which would not be good for them, or you. Every single puppy needs to be socialized so they have a good understanding of their environment, and all the things that go on around them.

No matter where you obtained your puppy from, all puppies need to be socialized. The time to socialize your puppy is up to 16 weeks old, after that, it's almost too late. You don't want them to start having problems like separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing up your favorite items, urinating and defecating in the wrong spots. If you plan to take your puppy or dog to obedience training classes, you will have a much more enjoyable time if your puppy is already familiar with things.

You should take the time to socialize him or her, so they can have an excellent opportunity of being the best dog you want them to be! You want to socialize your puppy, because when he or she is older, you want them to get along well with humans, other animals, and society in general. You don't want a puppy that hides or is scared of every little thing around him or her. You don't want a puppy or dog that barks at every moving thing, or anything else like that.

Every single person the dog comes in contact with, will be a sign that the puppy that did not get socialized properly at an early age. Give your puppy the love and respect it deserves, and have fun with him or her also while doing this socializing; your dog will love you for it later!

A big reason some of the dogs in the United States have to be euthanized each year is just for the simple fact the dog did not get socialized when he or she was a puppy. And for that sad fact, the puppy or dog just did not have the skills to act appropriately in family, public, or tough situations.

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It's a poor fact, that if most all the dogs had been properly socialized as puppies, they would have been much gentler and well behaved dogs when they are grown up. It's not that hard to socialize your new puppy, and it can be fun and rewarding! You don't really want your do go grow up, where you just leave them in the backyard, and they don't know how to interact with the family, and are a nuisance to the neighborhood in general. One that destroys or digs holes all over your backyard, you have a choice when you get your puppy. You can make him or her responsible, friendly, well behaved, and good natured dog.

It's nice when you have a dog you can trust, and everyone should be able to trust their dog. You want your dog to be able to make rational decisions when he or she is out and about with you. He should be capable of being around lots of people, without jumping up on all of them, and barking nonstop at them. The book has a 4. Her training techniques are still popular today.

Her book has a 4. He explains the difference between discipline and punishment, and how pack instincts can be used to improve your relationship with your dog. He also details some of the anecdotes from his clients, including celebrities. His book has a 4. Her book details positive reinforcement techniques rather than reprimands or punishments.

The five-week program relies on ten- to minute sessions each day for both puppies and adult dogs. It goes over basic training, hand feeding, crate and potty training, and correcting or avoiding behavioral issues. The book also explains how to make your dog comfortable with vet visits and strangers. If your dog is really smart and eager to learn new things, this is a perfect way to step up your game and teach tricks that will impress all of your friends. Hearts at Stake. Carve the Mark. Veronica Roth. The Iron Trial Magisterium 1.

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