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However, the evidence can be somewhat augmented and a somewhat different conclusion drawn. The arguments against Nietzsche's knowledge and reading of Stirner as given by Glassford is that he never mentions Stirner, that he did not borrow Stirner from the Basel University library, and that Resa von Schirnhofer claimed that Nietzsche never referred to him in conversations with her.

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The last two arguments are weak. They can be significantly strengthened by noting that we also have no other evidence of Nietzsche's reading of Stirner receipts for books he bought, the content of his library, etc.

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The first argument—that Nietzsche never mentions Stirner—does of course not prove that he had not read or did not knew about him. Nietzsche read many books and authors whom he [End Page ] did not discuss or mention as one can see by examining his library and the hundreds of receipts of books he bought.

If Nietzsche had read Stirner's book before he became professor in Basel , as Glassford suggests several times, such absence seems highly unlikely.

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At that early stage there could hardly have been any reasons for Nietzsche to "hide" the influence. But also if Nietzsche had read the book attentively later, it would seem highly improbable that he would have hidden it to the extent of not mentioning Stirner or quoting some passage in private letters and in his notebooks. The arguments for Nietzsche's having read Stirner and possibly for a strong influence of Stirner on Nietzsche rest on certain similarities between their thinking, that the student Adolf Baumgartner, who borrowed Stirner from the university library in Basel in July , claims that Nietzsche had recommended the book to him, and that Ida Overbeck Franz's wife claims that Nietzsche praised Stirner to her once when Franz was not present , either in or between and Nietzsche: "I was very disappointed in Klinger.

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