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A curious book then This book was a real disappointment. After reading City of Spades , which was quite engaging and pleasant and Absolute Beginners that was excellent, totally love it, I found Mr Love And Justice boring and poor. The story line could have been interesting, but, as much as Colin MacInnes tried, the two main characters were depressingly flatten.

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I near This book was a real disappointment. Sep 08, Lorenzo Berardi rated it liked it Shelves: , british , a-my-italian-library. Interesting and uncommon book crossing the footsteps of two main and symbolic characters. Love and Mr. Justice represent the two faces of the same coin: prissiness.

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A sort of urban prissiness that rhymes with hypocrisy and leads both Love and Justice to collide into each other thanks to a clockwork mechanism. I appreciated the structure of the novel, alternating Mr. Love with Mr.

Justice before the two plot lines are juxtaposed. Many dialogues are very well written and the way MacInnes invest Interesting and uncommon book crossing the footsteps of two main and symbolic characters. Many dialogues are very well written and the way MacInnes investigated on a certain mankind in London is admirable and impartial. Yet, this book got old very quickly. It's incredible how far may look this late s London nowadays.

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That is why "Mr Love and Justice" suffers of precocious senility. And it's a pity. View 1 comment. The story focuses on the worlds of Mr Frankie Love, an unemployed seaman who's been roped into the world of pouncing, and Mr Edward Justice, a recently promoted Police officer, who's struggling with his obligations to the force and to his girlfriend, daughter of a criminal. An enjoyable read, but I don't feel that it has the 'punch' of the other two books in the series. View 2 comments. Jan 05, Peter Johns rated it really liked it. The third and final book of Colin Macinnes' London novels.

It's very good. Some reviewers find this one disappointing after Absolute Beginners, however The pace, characterisation, humour and plot are equally as good. The only difference with the other novels in the set is that none of the main characters are likeable. If you need someone to like in a novel then perhaps you should read Absolute Beginners first. Dec 15, Umi rated it liked it.

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And having read this one as well, it's not hard to see why Absolute Beginners is the enduring entry in the trilogy retro rather than dated, clever bits, oh so of the moment, but a moment we keep trying to recapture. Tim Evans rated it really liked it May 19, Hille rated it liked it Aug 26, Christopher rated it really liked it Aug 18, Laura Maier rated it really liked it Dec 19, Steve rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Sarap rated it it was ok Dec 17, Bisexual, outsider, champion of youth, pale-pink friend of Black Londoners and chronicler of English life, MacInnes described himself as a very nosy person who found adultery in Hampstead indescribably dull and was much more at home in the coffee bars and jazz clubs of Soho and Notting Hill.

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A talented off-beat journalist and social observer, he is best known for his three London novels, "City of Spades, Absolute Beginners" and "Mr Love and Justice". MacInnes died of cancer in On the other side the head of the school was doing cruelty with Sara. One day, the son of lawyer met with the Indian man and he told the complete story of his life to the boy.

After confirmation it came to known that it was real Sara who they were finding. So the the Indian man took Sara and took her to his own home. He gave the complete money and told the reality that what happened to her father and that was not his mistake.

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The man kept Sara like a little prince. The book tells of a very strong and powerful message of being kind and sympathetic towards orphan girls as every child deserves love. Each and every girl is special in her own right. Nicholas Magazine from December and published in book form in Based on a online poll, the U.