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With the one week diet plan, you could lose up to seven pounds in seven days. that meals can be thrown together fast, making the diet even easier to stick to!.

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Only a few realize the fate of the world hinges on these two young sisters preventing the end of humankind. Heartwrenching choices must be made to right the wrongs of the past. With the help of her squad, a Shifter, a Seer, and a Reaper, Skylee finally learns the truth about her family and why she alone must fulfill her destiny to vanquish Brinfrost before he destroys them all. To celebrate the re-release of The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley, Inkspelled Faery is hosting ten days of visiting your favorite authors as they talk about their very first novels, topped off by an all-day Facebook party with fun, games, and giveaways.

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It has begun! Fourteen years after a catastrophic disaster, the world has regained its balance with the help of the Primortus. They have secretly walked amongst us since the beginning of time, protecting the earth with the power of the elements. When a fourteen-year-old girl is given two mysterious gifts from a father she never knew, she is drawn into their dangerous world of magic. She must learn to wield the power of the Eleventh Elementum to survive. With the help of Will her best friend , his cousin and her new stepsister, she seeks out the evil that threatens New Zealand.

But a black-eyed stranger is watching their every move. Now, two powerful beings will battle one another and the outcome will determine our way of life. To start us off, can you sum up your first novel in a tweet, characters or less? JL: I certainly hope so! I just mean that we have learned so much.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you were writing your first book, what would it be? JL: Be realistic and be patient with yourself! Writing is a marathon not a sprint. Val: Torture techniques-imagine my surprise when all sorts of images came up on my computer screen. I am fantasy writer…so I can dream that that might have been possible.

If you thought this was fun, drop by the Facebook party going down on the 25 th for more interviews with your favorite Fantasy authors as well as games and goodies galore! Skip to content. Share this: Twitter Pinterest Facebook Tumblr. Like this: Like Loading Unfortunately, that meant somebody else had to go!! The authors came very close to writing a series of story books for much younger readers—but instead ended up with 3 epic fantasy length books and nearly pages!!

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They were added during the final edits of Eleventh Elementum-Book 1. Should I tell him the whole story? Book 3…stay tuned. Read Eleventh Elementum Now! A few questions from Elisabeth about our debut novel… To start us off, can you sum up your first novel in a tweet, characters or less? Do you think your writing has changed since your debut? In what way?

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Val: Duh! Val: Yes we have. Now, in what way? Most incriminating thing you researched for this novel? Anything you would do different if you could do it over again? Older posts. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In this day and time, to suggest that women take a lesser role will get you a big old target painted on your back.

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But, another thought occurred to me today as I read the homework assignment for the class I am taking. In 1 Timothy King James Version :. At first read, this still gets my back up a little, but I then start reflecting on the many years I have been in churches and my observations of men and women, particularly in bible study or Sunday school settings.

They clam up and do not share their perspective unless forced to do so by the leader. Then, I thought about the dynamic in my workplace and observed something similar.

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That is a loss for everyone. Then, I started to think about the wise women in my life — the leaders and influencers. They listen a lot. They take in the conversation and maybe, at most, ask a few questions. Then, very often, they make profound statements or great business decisions. These women intentionally take a backseat or submissive role in conversations. Maybe the Apostle Paul was on to something when he set up the rule of women learning in silence and not usurping the authority of a man in a church setting.

Maybe he knew all about the innate power of a woman who chose to listen more than she talked? The church I attend now is led by a husband and wife team. I have great respect for both, and they have great respect for each other. Pastor Michelle is a powerful woman of God, and I believe that she is a powerful woman of God, in large part, because she listens more than she talks.

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If there are specific periods of vulnerability to certain types of experiences, then understanding these patterns will improve our attempts at intervention. So far, neuroscience has not found conclusive answers to these questions. However, dramatic advances continue to be made in the field, and brain research continues to enhance education and intervention efforts. We then discuss some unique features of early brain development and show how they make the first three years of life an especially critical period. Finally, we present an outline of brain development from conception to three, linking developmental events to the cognitive and behavioral changes associated with them.

The easiest way to get to know the brain is to learn the main structures of the adult brain and how they relate to its function Figure 1. It should be kept in mind that the relationship between brain structure and function is never simple. The brain can be divided into three major parts. The brain stem, shaped like a widening stalk, connects the spinal cord to the upper brain. It controls reflexes and involuntary processes like breathing and heart rate.

Behind the brain stem and below the upper brain is the cerebellum, which is involved in balance and coordination. The cerebrum, the largest part of the brain, sits above the brain stem and cerebellum. The resulting ridges and grooves form a pattern that is essentially the same from person to person. Source: Adapted by Bill Day from www.

Scientists use gyri and sulci to divide the cerebral cortex into smaller units called lobes. Each hemisphere has four lobes. The occipital lobes, at the back of the brain, control vision. The parietal lobes are associated with bodily sensations like heat, cold, pressure, and pain. The frontal lobes are associated with memory, abstract thinking, planning, and impulse control.

The forward-most section of the frontal lobes is a distinct area referred to as the prefrontal cortex. This is the last brain area to mature, undergoing important developmental changes as late as adolescence.

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The prefrontal cortex is the location of our most advanced cognitive functions, including attention, motivation, and goal-directed behavior. Although our advanced cognitive abilities are dependent on the cerebral cortex, it is not the only part of the brain relevant to child development. The limbic system, located in the inner brain beneath the cortex, is a collection of small structures involved in more instinctive behaviors like emotional reactions, stress responses, and reward-seeking behaviors.

The hippocampus is involved in memory formation and spatial learning. The brain processes information by forming networks of specialized nerve cells, called neurons, which communicate with one another using electrical and chemical signals Figure 2. These messages are the physical basis of learning and memory. These include multiple dendrites and an axon, which may have numerous axon terminals. The dendrites receive incoming signals from other neurons, and the axon and its terminal branches relay outgoing signals to other neurons.

Axons are sometimes coated with myelin, a fatty substance that insulates the axon and increases the efficiency of communication. Messages are passed between neurons at connections called synapses. The neurons do not actually touch, however.