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With the one week diet plan, you could lose up to seven pounds in seven days. that meals can be thrown together fast, making the diet even easier to stick to!.

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It was only when I left home that I started to use writing as a tool to keep me sane in the same way the young woman with anorexia had. To start with though, the writing was stunted.

A sentence or two of frustration here and there. Later, the floodgates opened, but not until well into my 30s. Why did they open? Every time I heard it, I would cry. I still do. Even just thinking about the lyrics tears me up! The story goes like this… the Queen is young and lives in a castle, hidden behind her walls. Safe, but alone and isolated — and unquestioning. The soldier and his army fight for the queen.

Neither of them even know why. He unsettles her, and she is filled with longing and yearning for a different life too. She is too scared. She prefers to live in isolation rather than face what is needed to change. This song has been studied in university poetry courses since it was written in , and it is still the subject of endless interpretation on Google forums. It touches something very deep in the human psyche, I believe. Suzanne Vega herself has said it is about power.

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I look at it symbolically. To me this song is about the heart and the head, and marrying the two. Understanding that emotions and the intellect need to be balanced within a person, that one is not better than the other. Out in the distance her order was heard And the soldier was killed, still waiting for her word And while the queen went on strangling in the solitude she preferred The battle continued on. The Queen could not give up her love of power. I was born into a world and family that favoured the head… intellect over creativity.