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Though the royal couple and the public were thrilled when he was born, the young prince proved to be a disappointment from the beginning. Constantly sick with sinus infections and known for bursting into tears, his parents thought he might be a slow developer. Prince Charles was able to relate to his grandmother. Both the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, though regal and distinguished, are also both very outdoorsy. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the sickly Prince Charles. According to The New Yorker ,. Prince Philip sent Prince Charles to the same school he attended.

Barely 9 years old at the time, Prince Charles was desperately homesick and spent much of his time clutching his teddy bear and weeping. He was bullied mercilessly for his royal status, for being pudgy, and for the size of his ears. Desperate to connect with his family, he also wrote home once a week. Though Prince Philip eventually grew to love and respect his time at the school, Prince Charles detested it. He grew up knowing he had a tremendous responsibility to his country. Prince Charles played a role in the Royal Navy. He put those rumors to rest. Since Prince Charles will one day be the King of England, the Crown wanted to be sure that the prince had a certain image in his youth.

However, it was all false, conducted by the press and his team.

The Couture Secrets of Shape

In fact, the prince would later denounce that image and explain how and why he resented it so much. Prince Charles met Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles for the first time in the s and fell helplessly in love with her. However, Parker Bowles was not considered royal material since she was not virginal. When Charles was away fulfilling some of his naval duties, Parker Bowles got engaged and was eventually married to her on-again-off-again beau, Andrew Parker Bowles. Though the prince was still friendly with the couple, he was said to be so distraught by their marriage that he refused to attend their wedding.

Their marriage started off badly. By , the crown deemed it time for Prince Charles to get married. Though he had dated her older sister previously, the prince became engaged to year-old Lady Diana Spencer. I literally call it the university on wheels. You can download any book. If you are not on the phone in the car, you should be listening to a book and not just chewing gum. That has evolved as well. They are just now on demand whereas before you just stuck a tape in the tape deck or CD.

It is the same. People ask me this question often. Should I listen to lots and lots and lots and lots of book or should I listen to one really good book and master it? My question is, well, what if you wanted to get good as singing a song. Would you listen to that whole album a few times or would you pick that one song and rehearse it over and over again? I really believe if you want to understand a concept you should be able to recite it back without listening to the book anymore. Back in the network marketing days, they were like listen to the tape until you wear it out and then do that again.

I mean how do you know the words to your favorite song? Distraction is a massive part of this whole thing. How do you starve the distractions and stay focused? I am a creator type of person. I really think number one is have a schedule that works and work that schedule. Be really serious about following the calendar.

I hate saying this but I kind of live and die by my calendar. If it is on my calendar it is happening unless I call it off. Live and die by a schedule. Make sure that it is precise and accurate and make use of your time accurately. Now that I have been doing this for several years, I can say all right, look, I am only going to take three meetings a day at the very most. At the end of the day you have to think about how serious are you about managing your time?

We all have the same amount of it. Living and dying by that calendar. If it is empty, fill it up. It is really fun to catch up with people, but at the end of the day make it count. You could apply that to a different business or product. That is where the distraction comes from. Wow, if I just took what I learned here and did that to 70 businesses…. They put the business up for sale and then all of the sudden I am like I can buy this business and I could totally turn it around and make it so huge.

It is easy to get distracted by shiny objects or things like equipment. I am a pilot and part of the year there is a lot of icing in the sky. The distraction of buying an airplane is extremely time consuming. So, this fall, it was like, either grow the business or spend a bunch of money on a new airplane and a ton of time. I was like how about I will fly Delta if I have to right now and we will focus on growing the business. And we did. And I have had the opportunity and I am grateful that I have been able to fly with you and even be the copilot.

Even though I think I am under qualified. The studies. Not good at the studies. My dad was a pilot and he sold sail boats in the great lakes and he would use his airplane to go back and forth and be home for dinner and be with the family. It was really nice because instead of having to stay overnight in a hotel all of the time, he could be home.

I think girls like that. You knew I was a pilot, but anyway I am starting flying again. This is a passion of mine. One, so I can be there in person and learn from you what you need as a customer of ours and I can be there at your beck in call. Can you be there? I will be there. I hop on the old airplane and fly my way down. So you have those opportunities but the other thing is my family. I am able to use it to be home for my family instead of waiting overnight or going to leave at a certain time I can be home for my family and that is really huge. That is why I call it the relationship machine because it literally adds time to your life.

People that fly on private aircraft it is not for the glam. Sure, it is glamorous. Honestly, it is for the time. It saves time and that is one thing that we cannot get back. Flying private has changed my life. And being a pilot, that obsession is… well, it is what it is. We have had fun with it. Oh we have had a blast. It lets us have real talk and not have… the other thing I really love about doing this with you is we have given away a couple of charity things where I will fly the couple and you will buy their Hamilton tickets.

It is a fun thing to be able to give that experience to people, and we have had fun doing that together, but being able to give back to people and organizations is a big piece of it. Experiences are such a big part of learning and growing as well. As you are growing the people side of it, that is the part that I would say I was most unprepared for.

Life showed up. A lot of people listening that is probably their biggest challenge. Money is a byproduct, right. If you are doing business right you are going to make money. But the most rewarding part of it on the business side is really the people and being able to pour into your people and share that fun growth with them and bring them on in a ride. I mean small business. We can take our staff on the ride of a lifetime building a business whereas they would not get that experience with some of these really large organizations.

Obviously building a larger organization is a little different and they still have people things. I think the people side is the most rewarding. It is being able to take a free market here in America and reward people who really want to have success or really want to be the best lighting. It allows us to resource people to become their best. Yeah, it has challenges. People make their own assumptions. You and I were talking on the phone earlier about the assumptions that sometimes people make about the revenue of a company.

They are like all this money this whatever million dollar company. It is not true. There are a lot of assumptions in education but I think the people component is the most rewarding piece of it because you can literally see the growth in a human. A lot of times for us it is mindset. We have amazing people and amazing human being in our organization and when someone steps in they go wow!

It is like stepping into the super bowl championship locker room the following year, and they are bringing back all of their players and their coaching staff. This feel good and it is intoxicating to be in this environment.

The Best of Times and The Worst of Times

You have curated an incredible staff of people. Every single person I have met. You have a knack for choosing good people. Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.

How it is done

If you can find those people who are passionate with you, and you have done that. It is amazing.

Dark Secrets You Never Knew About the Life of Prince Charles

This is the most difficult time arguably ever. We have such a labor shortage where most candidates can write their ticket to where they want to work. Anyone who has a high level of talent can pretty much interview at several companies and have several job offers in a short amount of time. That is one of the downsides of an up economy, right? That is great. So making sure that the team aspect and the culture is really, really put forward. Or, put up on a pedestal is important.

You mention culture. We have our own culture committee that decides what we are going to do.

Ne Obliviscaris (Tim Charles) Interview: New Music, Song Secrets, Crowdfunding & Survival (2017)

It was voted in. We were not part of the voting process on the leadership side of it. And then every month we do an event that they plan. I remember the first month that we did it… and, I know that a lot of people from our company listen to the podcast, so they are going to laugh. But that is leadership! It was like one of the most amazing things that have ever happened. To watch others in our organization grow into a leadership role in this culture committee.

It is nice that the pressure is not on me. That has got to feel great. It is really, really painful because you are constantly growing and I remember growing up and getting growing pains in my legs. This hurts so much. It sucks. It is messy and there are emotions. Leadership is the same way. It is so worth it when you see those incredible gems that you started with become these beautiful diamonds that are polished and incredible. They are not stupid. They know where they got that. At some point you will have people that will leave your organization. That is almost always the case.

Anytime that we have someone that decides that life is taking them in a different direction, the most important thing in our organization is that they leave better than they came. So they leave the organization stronger and better and it is very rare that we have someone leave our organization but life shows up in different ways. Relocation, job changes, sickness, all kinds of different things. I can tell you that the most rewarding thing is to watch someone leave just literally flourishing.

It is like watching someone do a sport for his or her first day at practice and then years later you are like wow, they just won the championship. I think that, like I said earlier. The painful part of leadership is nothing compared to the pride and joy and happiness you get from seeing your people doing well. It is all worth it, ten times over. Even if I had to go through double the amount of frustration that I did, it is worth it just to see them do well. So I have two salespeople at EideCom right now and both of them have a unique story about how they came to our organization.

I have decided it is my goal to make them better at sales than me. So we spend time working on this stuff and it is amazing to see the personal growth that happens through that process. Hey, I want you to listen to this book and then I want to talk about it. Okay, now pitch it. I remember Paige who came onboard. She is the newer of the two.

Lisa has been with us longer. You are going to rehearse. So, to see her get comfortable though. It was so rewarding for me. I would do this all day if that is all I had to do. I am fairly certain when you said she got up in front of you and practiced, it made people cringe. Oh, yeah. And it is made you cringe, maybe you should think about practicing, honestly. We have to check our ego at the door.

Any sports organization. They are on the biggest stage and the work has already been done when they are on the stage. That is it. I think that is one area where leaders do not put much focus on the practicing. A lot of leaders I have seen across the years, some I have had the opportunity to work with or others I have seen in other organizations as I am traveling around the country… we preach. Like, hey do this, do that, instead of allowing people to practice and make mistakes and get uncomfortable. That is where the real growth is. A coach will be like, okay, run it back again.

The best coaching opportunities I had were when I had to repeat it over and over again. In fact when I was a kid I played piano. You would be there for three hours. It was crazy, right? Humble yourself. Such a great idea. The think about the journey is it is going to look really long and scary but you are not going to be believe it is possible, but I promise you, if you did it over and over again, it will happen.

There is the maturity process. The way that we mature as leaders and some of you listening are really experienced leaders and some of you are emerging. You mentioned something earlier about control and I was thinking about mindset and sort of control your mind and manage your ego. I always think how does someone want me to respond? In most cases, do the opposite. Usually, you are set up for something and they are like, okay we want them to respond this way. I think about the discipline of a Tiger Woods or a Jerry Rice and so many more.

It makes such a huge difference in leadership. You make a comment and someone is commenting back. Sometimes it is like, just let it simmer. Let it sit. Think about if Warren Buffet made a post and then all of the trolls came out. Do you think Warren Buffet would sit on his computer and worry about every stupid thing. He made his post. He might make a follow up but that is it. Like you said, growing into the maturity and being more secure in yourself. That will come with success, it depends on the level, but you become more comfortable with yourself.

When you are doing things you are going to have people who hate you. There are people who hate Tiger Woods. I think the other thing too is society now and how entrepreneurship has evolved, a lot of people have glamorized haters. Haters have started to get a lot of attention. Haters and naysayers and doubters. Maybe you are in a leadership position but one negative thing can happen and it can derail everything about you and all of the heard work that you have done because are so focused on that one thing. How do you handle the doubters when they come up in your world? I still get that thing like, dang it, that sucks.

But at the end of the day, as long as it is not impacting your team and how they are feeling about everything and I think that is really having a good relationship with your team then you are good. Now, if it impacts your team and how they feel about things, which it might impact them more than you, then we need to make sure we are spending our time helping them understand the situation or what is going on. Ultimately, once you start doing anything of value you are going to have people hate you or criticize. You have to learn to be okay with it.

It sucks and it stings, but it is part of life. Honestly, I think people as a whole they are smart enough to realize if someone is being a bully or they are picking on you for no reason. Everyone around sees when someone else is being unreasonable or being stupid. The truth always comes out and if you are a good person and people will stand behind that because it is true that you are a great person and a great leader you will have armies of people standing up and defending you and these people will seem small.

You mention people and what you are really like will come out. I can always tell what a company looks like with their people. Really, from the people who are the newest or who are struggling a little bit. That is where you learn everything out about an organization. The most important thing to do would be to ask people in an organization how they feel about the leadership of the organization.

They are rosy, they are amazing. That is how you learn right. Also, what you said earlier about the people you have interacted with in our company. That tells you everything you need to know about a company, about the leadership, about you. I watch that all of the time and there are some local organization and one that comes to mind is Target. Target continually develops super strong leaders.

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I was at an event today and I met a Target leader. That is something that happens over and over again. They have super strong leadership. It is less about the actual leader and more about. The leadership is kind of the result of the organization, in a way. Well, it is symbiotic. The good way to get a good pulse is to talk to the people who are a part of that group. This is exactly why I started the podcast to have actual conversations about actual life and challenges and those things were, because I know my journey has not been easy.

I have used the sports analogy a lot today but I always think about the manager of your favorite sports team and they have to many a big trade or a big signing, or they signed a lifelong contract to someone and initially it looks like wow, we got him! Wow, we got her it is amazing. Then four years later injuries show up and guess who is on the chopping block? That GM. On the flip side, there is this absolute grand slam and the GM is the hero. Every decision we are going to make as leaders is one that everyone is going to agree on.

Some of them are not going to be right. At all times people have these opinions about the GM and it is not always right. If someone is doing the right way and they are doing it ethically and with the right motive, the good will always outweigh the bad, always. Every single time. That is why I think you see a lot of ownership of sports teams hesitating to change management right away because they know this person is consistently.

Think about it, the owners are far, far better business people than the rest of the general public. They know this principle and they know they need to wait because they know that this person is going to deliver. So, question for you. The future.

You have some big plans. What are you most excited about for the future of your organization and businesses that you own and have founded? I want to continue to expand our reach and how we change the world. My personal tag line is changing the world one event at a time. This week alone we are doing six different events in different industries.

In different states. We will probably do events this year. Really, I want to be able to take the events world and change the way our part of it does interact in the event world. I think the sky is the limit. There is so much room for growth. With Forever Bride, it is an incredible brand that I think is just starting to see the fruits of the last 7 years of work.

They are getting to the 10 years to become an overnight success type of thing. The reputation they have in Minnesota that they have right now, if you want to check it out it is foreverbride. They built a lifestyle brand for brides. It is just going to continue to explode. Some of their big competitors, WeddingWire just bought The Knot. There are tons of mergers and acquisitions going on and maybe someday we will sell it but right now we are here to build great brands and have great people on the team. We will. We do every single month.