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Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges. In Hebrews , the corresponding adjective is used to distinguish the ministry of worship from that of service to man. When St. Paul uses it figuratively of himself Romans , it is in connection with the idea of a sacrifice or oblation.

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The Holy Ghost said. Separate me Barnabas and Saul. The verb implies that they were to be set apart for a new work. Up to this time they had been among the prophets and teachers of the Church. Now they were to receive a solemn visible mission, following on the inspired utterances, as those had followed on personal intimations, consecrating them to the work of the Apostleship to the Gentiles. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary What an assemblage was here! In these names we see that the Lord raises up instruments for his work, from various places and stations in life; and zeal for his glory induces men to give up flattering connexions and prospects to promote his cause.

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It is by the Spirit of Christ that his ministers are made both able and willing for his service, and taken from other cares that would hinder in it. Christ's ministers are to be employed in Christ's work, and, under the Spirit's guidance, to act for the glory of God the Father. They are separated to take pains, and not to take state. A blessing upon Barnabas and Saul in their present undertaking was sought for, and that they might be filled with the Holy Ghost in their work.

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Whatever means are used, or rules observed, the Holy Ghost alone can fit ministers for their important work, and call them to it. Barnes' Notes on the Bible As they ministered to the Lord - It is probable that this took place on some day set apart for fasting and prayer. The expression "ministered to the Lord" means as they were engaged in prayer to the Lord, or as they were engaged in divine service. The Syriac thus renders the passage. The Holy Ghost said - Evidently by direct revelation. Separate me - Set apart to me, or for my service. It does not mean to ordain, but simply to designate, or appoint to this specific work.

For the work whereunto I have called them - Not the apostolic office, for Saul was called to that by the express revelation of Jesus Christ Galatians , and Barnabas was not an apostle. The "work" to which they were now set apart was that of preaching the gospel in the regions round about Antioch.

It was not any permanent office in the church, but was a temporary designation to a missionary enterprise in extending the gospel, especially through Asia Minor, and the adjacent regions. Accordingly, when, in the fulfillment of this appointment, they had traveled through Seleucia, Cyprus, Paphos, Pamphylia, Pisidia, etc.

See Acts Paul and Barnabas had been influenced by the Spirit to engage in this work, but they were to be sent forth by the concurrence and designation of the church. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary 2. As they ministered to the Lord—The word denotes the performance of official duties of any kind, and was used to express the priestly functions under the Old Testament. Here it signifies the corresponding ministrations of the Christian Church. Separate me—So Ro Matthew Poole's Commentary Ministered; the word importeth the exercise of any public office, sacred or civil.

But in the former verse mentions being made of prophets and teachers, these words are in sense too conjoined with them; and inform us, that they were preaching to and instructing of the people, for there is no ministry or service which God likes better than to convert and save souls , and, that all might be more effectual, as being done with greater earnestness and intention of mind, whilst they fasted.

The Holy Ghost said; by some inward instinct in those prophets before spoken of, who had warrant to declare it as from him. Separate me Barnabas and Saul; these two were to be separated: as the first born under the law, Exodus , and after them, or in their stead, the Levites, Numbers ; so were Paul and Barnabas in especial manner separated for the calling in of the Gentiles, that great ministry or service which God had for them to do.


That is, the five prophets and teachers before mentioned; and whose ministry lay in preaching the Gospel, teaching the people the doctrines of it, and expounding prophecies, and also in prayer; to which latter the Syriac version restrains their ministry, rendering it, "as they prayed to God"; but the phrase seems to be more extensive: "and fasted"; which the Jews were much used to, and the believing ones had not yet left it off; their custom was to fast on Mondays and Thursdays: See Gill on Luke Whether it was on one of those days, that these men were ministering and fasting, is not certain; but this we may be sure of, it was not on the Jewish sabbath, for on that day they never fasted; very likely that this was a fast appointed and fixed among themselves, on some particular occasion; it may be on account of the famine, which was at this time, Acts The Holy Ghost said; either with an articulate voice, or by an internal impulse, upon the minds of three of the prophets: separate me Barnabas and Saul, for the work whereunto I have called them; the work which the Holy Ghost had appointed, and called them to before this, was to go and preach the Gospel among the Gentiles, distinct from the Jews, of which we read in the latter part of this chapter; and now he would have them be separated from their brethren, as Aaron and his sons were from theirs, and be sent forth from hence directly, upon that work: this shows the Spirit to be a person, since speaking and commanding in an authoritative way, and calling to a work, are ascribed unto him; and that he is a divine person, and truly God, and equal with God, since calling to a sacred office is attributed to him; and a separation to it is ordered for himself, for his service, honour, and glory; he does not say separate them to the Lord, or to God, but to me.

Exodus ; Numbers ; Exodus ; Jdt ; Hebrews ; comp. Hence: while they performed, holy service to the Lord Christ and at the same time fasted. Any more specific meaning is too narrow, such as, that it is to be understood of prayer Grotius, Heinrichs, Kuinoel, Olshausen, and many others,—on account of Acts , but see on that passage or of preaching Chrysostom, Oecumenius, and others in Wolf. Both without doubt are included , not, however, the mass as Catholics hold ; but certainly the spiritual songs see on Ephesians ; Colossians The whole highly important missionary act would, according to this view, be performed only in the circle of five persons, of whom, moreover, two were the missionaries themselves destined by the Spirit, and the church as such would have taken no part at all, not being even represented by its presbyters,—a proceeding which neither agrees with the fellowship of the Spirit in the constitution of the apostolic church, nor corresponds with the analogous concrete cases of the choice of an apostle chap.

Expositor's Greek Testament Acts It would be difficult to find a more appropriate rendering. On the one hand the word is habitually used in the LXX of the service of the priests and Levites cf. Hebrews ; Hebrews , although it has a wider meaning as, e. So too in the N. But here the context, see on Acts cf. What do you think God could not do for you? What would He do, if you would ask? What are some of the things He has said He will do for us in Psalm ?

Isaiah ?

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Romans ? What does it mean to you to know that Jesus is praying for you today? When does God promise to be present in our lives, according to Isaiah ? Psalm ? Matthew ? Hebrews ? According to the dictionary, ministering means to do things that are needful or helpful; to aid.

We minister to Jesus when we serve or help others as we would serve or help Him. When we do, ministry becomes our joy. I know ….

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Then do it. And as you do it, open your heart to receive His valentine of ministry to you. Your joy will be complete. More from this Issue.

Ministering to the Lord by Drawing Near to Him and Spending Time with Him in Prayer

Blessed Assurance. Death Swallowed Up In Victory. Nothing But Joy. Beginning Your Journey With Jesus. Give Menu. Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel.

Ministering to the Lord by Giving Him the First Place and by Focusing only on Him

Ministering to Jesus. Share Tweet. NKJV Look up the word ministry or minister in the dictionary and write out the definition that seems appropriate. How are you ministering to Jesus through your practical deeds for others? The Ministry of Prayer What do you learn about the ministry of prayer from the following passages?

Who has entered into a ministry of prayer on your behalf? What do you need to change or adjust so that you cultivate a consistent, constant prayer life? How are our prayers described in Revelation ? If your prayers are like sweet incense to Him, how fragrant is your prayer life? How is this purpose repeated in Ephesians ? In your own words, write out your prayer of praise as your ministry to the Lord.