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A Course in Miracles teaches us that there is nothing outside of ourselves, and it is through realizing this that we are reconnected with our divine magnitude and inner peace is restored. Where fear has entered, love cannot exist.

The 4 Keys to Happiness

The only place we should surrender our entire selves — happiness included — is to our healing higher selves. This saying teaches us that happiness should not be given away and in doing so suffered fearfully as a sense of loss, rather, happiness is a blessing to be kept safe from us, but liberally shared, and enjoyed with one another and, through doing so, multiplied onward in others.

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How To Awaken Compassion And Find True Refuge From Within Your Heart

About Awaken Awaken Interviews. Return to Book Page. The book proves that any breach of that Harmony places happiness outside his reach. The book examines the connection between Mind Body Harmony and guilt, emotions, dishonesty, criminality, parenting, education, duty, success and society. Get A Copy. Published April 1st by BookBaby first published April 1st More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Awakening the Real You , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Awakening the Real You.

Lists with This Book. The scientists have been trying to understand how the different mechanisms of desire, want, happiness and pleasure work in the brain. For example to their surprise they found that money, beyond enough for basic needs, does not bring more happiness.

Nor do the things money can buy. Research has shown that even people who win vast sums in a lottery, after just a few years are as miserable as they were before they won. Why is this so? First, the things that give us pleasure are usually physical — sex gives us bodily gratification, money and objects give us mental gratification.

But all these are transitory pleasures. We adapt to things so fast, and the more possessions and accomplishments we have, the more we need to have, to keep boosting our level of happiness. Osho explains that this is because the mind is always desiring — that is its nature. And once it gets what it had been desiring, it looks for the next object of desire.

He says the mind can exist only with a goal, because it needs a way to remain tense.

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If the mind has a goal, then it can remain unfulfilled, frustrated, and living in hope. And because we are so identified with our minds, we are therefore always in misery. Happiness, says Osho, is different from pleasure. Pleasure comes from things. Happiness is not dependant on things, it is not conditional. It is a state of being that comes from inside you. Happiness is when there is no desire for something, just a gratitude for what is.

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Then it is not a temporary state, because as long as you have gratitude, you have happiness. According to scientists, happiness is a very desirable state: the evidence shows that happy people live longer than depressed people, are healthier, more resilient, and perform better than others. Professor Diener of the University of Illinois says, "In one study, the difference in life span was nine years between the happiest group and the unhappiest group, so that's a huge effect. Cigarette smoking can knock a few years off your life, three years, or if you really smoke a lot, six years.

So nine years for happiness is a huge effect. Osho gives four keys to focus on developing in yourself.

BBC - Culture - What trees teach us about life and happiness

Of course, his goal is not happiness per se, his goal is to bring about a total transformation of ourselves. His goal is bliss, which is even higher than happiness. But he says that as we start becoming more real and authentic, more tuned into ourselves than focused on outside things, then happiness comes automatically, like a shadow. Scientists say that friendship has a much bigger effect on happiness than a typical person's income.

And not just on happiness, but also on health, because our brains control many of the mechanisms in our bodies which are responsible for disease. And just as stress can trigger ill health, it looks as if friendship and happiness can boost our immunity against disease. Osho says we all have a source of friendliness inside, but life gives us very few opportunities for it to develop.

In fact, most people die without this source being developed at all, because what we call friendship is usually hypocrisy and politeness. He says we have to constantly create a milieu of friendliness around ourselves, sending waves of friendly energy all around. Forty years later, altruism, or performing acts of kindness to others, is one of the main suggestions being proposed by happiness scientists.

But Osho says there is a heart inside the worst of people, and if you are able to see it, you will be filled with compassion. This is not the same as pity, which makes us feel superior to others, and want to help or change them in some way. Compassion involves love and acceptance of people as they are. If you can understand compassion, he says, then you will know how to spread happiness to others, and that in turn will develop the happiness center inside you.

If, on the contrary, you go on being cruel and critical and judgmental of others, it will feed your own unhappiness. Because we become what our thoughts focus on. The concept of compassion has so far been missed by the scientists, but watch out for it in the future! Osho says that for the spiritual journey, cheerfulness is needed. If you can live life as a laughter, then it is much easier to enter into meditation, much easier to discover your real self.

The growing convergence of Western and Eastern knowledge.

If you live life as a misery, a sadness, you are burdened, and then you are not able to go far into meditation.