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This was noticable when she organised the rescue from the mining facility. Her Ganger taunted her that she always wanted to take charge, even when she didn't know "what the hell was going on". Cleaves did mellow towards her counterpart - particularly when the Doctor identified her ailment.

War and Glory

She even apologised to her Ganger for unluckily being the duplicate of a terminally ill human. Nevertheless, she required little persuasion to leave this duplicate behind and save herself. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. They barely had any ships left and the Earth Home Fleet was wiped out nearly completely. And where would they even evacuate billions of people to lol? Most of the colonies were glassed.

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The UNSC had few warships left, sure, but the civilian navy was presumably sizeable too. And humanity had a bunch of colonies remaining after the war which weren't touched - when they reached Earth, the Covenant had basically destroyed a little over half of human space colonies, although they had got most of the major ones like Reach.

It's not unfeasible that most of Earth's population be evactuated, considering they would have been preparing for such an eventuality for years, and also that the Covenant invasion was preceded by Truth's fleet, and that the intended Covenant invasion force was destroyed in Operation First Strike before they reached Earth.

Which could have given them time in advance to evacuate people. Not much time, but any time would have certainly been taken advantage of. By the opening of Halo 2, it almost seemed like they were expecting the invasion. There was no massive battle. They had plenty of time to evacuate the planet.

Evacuate Earth - Wikipedia

The solar system is a big place, and while most were glassed, plenty weren't. Plenty of places to evacuate to. We only have a month here before Truth's fleet arrives, takes control of Earth's skies and orbit, lays waste to important orbital infrastructure that would be needed to facilitate ground to ship movement of people and initiates planet wide orbital bombardment.

One month to evacuate 7. All those people have to be rounded up in some way in order to funnel them through the orbital elevators and orbital stations that will take them to the evacuation ships. That alone will take a huge amount of time. It will take days for people to get to just get to the space ports and orbital elevators as millions of people will be converging on departure sites, clogging transport routes.

Once at a departure site, they have two options; it's either an orbital elevator or a surface-to-orbit transport. Those are seriously bottlenecked in this scenario. Ten million people have to move from the ground into orbit every hour to hit the 7. Let's use these , with a capacity of A further problem here though is the amount of available orbit-side docking ports that this armada of transports would need in order to facilitate such an unprecedented movement of people.

There's also the life support capacity of the orbital stations, which I doubt were ever designed to handle several million people passing through them every hour non-stop. Once in orbit, you would need ' ships equivalent to a Phoenix-class colony ship with its capacity of 11' people in order to get them out of the Sol system And they would need to move them out of the Sol system as the UNSC would have to operate under the assumption that they won't be able to hold Earth.

They would have to assume that once the Covenant are in Sol, every human location within Sol is going to get destroyed. Relocating seven billion people also requires enormous logistical preparations at the refuge site, especially if the intended stay is permanent as it would be in this case. Dumping that quantity of people across what's left of the colonies would create a humanitarian disaster that would likely cripple the colonies' own infrastructure as food riots start and civil order breaks down.

By the time Earth was invaded, after so many colonies were already destroyed and humanitarian crises already developing on certain colonies with refugees Such as the one at the start of the Cole Protocol , there's no way their plans could be intact. It would be out of the question. This is, perhaps, why they invested so much in a platform strong defence line around the Earth.

This all just begs the question of why the UNSC was ever short of ships during the war.

Miranda Cleaves

With a capacity like this, they could literally destroy the Covenant's worlds just by using these empty civilian transports as relativistic kinetic kill weapons, or funnel these resources into making enormous quantities of Frigates to overwhelm the Covenant's fleets. Their winning strategy woudl involve simply finding the Covenant's worlds then cracking them like eggs. If you ask me, the simplest solution to this problem is to retcon the population figure given in the Bestarium. It wouldn't be the first time figures like these have been retconned. Take the population of Harvest for example , given in Contact Harvest, or the 3 million population figure given by all other media but don't make sense in the context of the aforementioned novel , or the number of colonies under the UEG's domain 17 vs The entire prospect of evacuating billions of civilians sounds like a logistical nightmare as you have highlighted, and I personally find the "the UNSC had years to advance" a piss poor excuse to make.

You also have to wonder why we haven't seen other colonies, with the exception of Harvest which had the advantage of having it's population contained within a single city with a functioning space elevated, not distributed across the entire world , be able to do mass evacuations like this.

Now that I think about it, I tend to find that when it comes to worldbuilding Bungie don't have a good track record when it comes to having a good sense of scale. Yeah, retconning the Bestarium number would probably have been the simplest way to lessen the implied damage done to Earth which is what I guess is the reason for all of this. Miranda's quote is still kind of an issue, but I suppose i could give specifics to what she said.

An orbital bombardment that killed millions is still extreme, but doesn't necessarily leave the Earth a post-apocalyptic wasteland like what the Bestarium number suggested. I won't lie and try to say that, on paper, it sounds like a logistical nightmare. However, we're talking about years in the future, and the planet with the largest military presence after Reach.

A little suspension of disbelief, I think, is afforded. Assuming they know the location of said worlds, sure, and are capable of getting these ships in range of the planets, and that the planets aren't heavily defended. That's a lot of if's. Your statement makes it sound like it would be an easy task, when it's anything but. It's not strictly a technological problem though that can be solved by FutureTech. It's more of a logistical one.

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Regardless of the technology involved you still need ships in order to pull this off, and the number of ships needed bring into doubt the UNSC ever losing the war as they were. Enemy forces lacked basic unit cohesion but quickly gained numerical superiority. Enemy losses were total. It can be assumed that the Forerunner would try to evacuate as many as they could before bombing their own people, and the best they could do here was to evacuate 1. According to the numbers concerning the Earth evacuation, the UNSC would have achieved the evacuation of 0.

In relative terms or even absolute terms, the UNSC's evacuation is orders of magnitude superior to that of the Forerunners; the first wave of transports leaving Earth would carry orders of magnitude more people than what the Forerunners evacuated from that entire planet. Certain autonomous experiments could keep running, but most of the science research on the station would have to be shut down and postponed until astronauts and cosmonauts returned, Suffredini said.

Have a news tip, correction or comment? Let us know at community space. All Topics About Us More. The International Space Station is primarily a science laboratory in space. NASA would like to invest in ventures beyond Earth orbit, but industry leaders fear what will happen if the agency pulls out its investment in the station before a commercial options is available.