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Why Falling Leaves?

Cancel Save. Oaks, for example, are among the last trees to change color. Others, such as sourwood, flip the switch to fall colors as early as August. However, weather and soil moisture can affect the quality of fall color. A severe summer drought can delay fall color by a few weeks. A warm spell in autumn also tones down autumn colors.

Angel Statue

The most-dazzling displays of scarlet and crimson occur in autumns marked by warm, bright days and cool, crisp nights with. Good places to find it include most of New England, the Appalachian Mountains and, for golden aspens, the Rockies. Eventually, autumn leaves must fall. By the end of summer, they may be damaged by insects, disease or general wear and tear and ready for renewal.

They are equipped to self-destruct. At the point where leaf stem meets twig or branch is an array of cells called the abscission layer. As autumn days shorten, this layer begins to choke off the veins that move water into the leaf and food into the tree. Once the leaf is completely choked off, the layer becomes dry and flakey and, through decomposition, detaches the leaf from the tree.

The Key to Mold is Moisture Control from our friends at

Nature seems to abhor waste, so it is no surprise that though leaves may fall to earth, they still have not outlasted their ecological role. As they decompose, their nutrients trickle into the soil and feed future generations of plant and animal life. Quite likely, fallen leaves are a key factor in the survival not only of trees, but of forests as a whole. In fact, leaving them on the ground is actually a very good thing to do for wildlife.

In the bare trees and twigs what a display of muscle. Still waters in the north woods give a double view of autumn terrain.

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  5. Trees colors in fall are often brilliant and beautiful, but they serve a practical purpose: helping trees conserve energy.