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The members of the Order, kidnap Radha and force Vijay, an expert in solving riddles and clues, to follow a tedious path in present day Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, leading to several ancient caves containing this Amrit and the right mixture of the bacteria and retrovirus. Finally they gain access to the same and escape with the original samples of Amrit to test for viability, leaving Vijay and his team mates in the dark.

To be continued in the next sequel.

Book Review: The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Pros: A hair-raising thriller churned with scientific facts behind the great fairy tale of SagarManthan, mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata. The author must be appreciated for his extensive research on the facts behind this great secret. The description of the human genome and the various permutations and combinations of how genetic structure could have been re-engineered thousands of years ago with the help of such bacteria and retroviruses, leaves the reader awe-struck.

In fact there all chances that the reader forgets about the fiction behind the story and would have been compelled to accept the logic explained as the real fact and not as a myth. The stark realities of how science was used by our ancestors when there were no considerable equipment related to finding microscopic organisms, have been strikingly elicited. A must read book by mythological fiction lovers. Bet that they shall remember the story for a long long period in their lives.

Cons: The excessive usage of medical jargon on genetics, could be difficult to understand to many non-biology students. The story should have been completed in this book itself for better effects. My rating is 4 out of Dec 15, Priyanka Ramprasad rated it it was ok. This book is a sequel to the Mahabharatha's secret, which itself wasn't all that good in my opinion. But i still went ahead and read this because i got it for free from my cousin. In short, all i can say is that it's not a book, it's a Bollywood film script.

You have the heroes with nada a shade of grey in them, you have your villains, guns a blazing and chuckling at the end of every other line and basically feeling ok about experimenting on humans and calling them specimen. Even though the woman This book is a sequel to the Mahabharatha's secret, which itself wasn't all that good in my opinion. Even though the woman isn't damsel in distress and is apparently a scientist,she does stupidest things like getting into a strangers' car in middle of night without even seeing their id, this despite the fact that she knows she is dealing with terrorists.

You have the trying to be funny guy, who seems to be an American for no reason at all, and you have an ex to spice things up. And a dash of a hollywood movie- an African American guy mentioned everytime he comes on page called Patterson who works in US intelligence. Then its the usual Dan Brown story with an Indian twist except Dan Brown's stories , narration and insertion of random facts are better. If u rarely read English fiction or even rarely read books, You might like it.

If you are pro, or even hav read Dan Brown's books, this is gonna be a disappointment. Now, the longer version. It's well researched, thats for sure. He does use highly complex words and biology jargon, half of which you don't understand, and the other half of it , u don't care about, but you can definitely see that a lot of time has gone into it. If you are a person who physically cringes on noticing a grammatical mistake, drop the book and walk off. It looks like the publishers paid the editors only to enhance harmless words and not to correct the god awful sentences.

There is a lot of repetition of same words, Once, I noticed they used the word ' urgent' twice in same sentence which contained 8 words. If there's one thing i would do after being chased by terrorists and investigating into some of them was check the id of a person who arrives at my door in the middle of the night.

But the protagonist apparently doesn't which leads to the death of that very character Do i care? No, so moving on. The people from mysterious order mention they need to keep a low profile, yet blow up stuff and kill people every chance they get. Even when there's an easier way out. Character depth, of which there isn't much. Colin could have Vijay's lines, Alice could have Radha's. The writer probably does know this, that is why he explicitly mentions things which usually we our selves should be able to conclude after reading the book. Ex' Colin says he is the analytical and vijay is the research head of their team.

What we perceive: Radha is a feminine character necessary for the plot. Frankly, you wont even notice if she is a man instead of woman. All she does is restate the things thats already being narrated and add an emotion in there, like ticking off the things she should feel. Overall the plot seems a little over the top, Read it only if u have lot of time at hand and no good book. I'm signing of to read The Da vinci code one more time, which i probably should have done instead of reading this book.

Jul 01, Karthikeyan rated it it was ok. We all know not to judge a book by its cover. Well, i saw the cover and decided to give this book a try. And boy what a huge mistake. Chetan bhagat feels like tolkien compared to Christoper Doyle. Where do i even begin?

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The writing is deplorable, the language is shallow, the plot is impetuous, paltry characters,. The author tried to introduce some medical jargon to explain the 'science' , with little Alexander and mahabharatha thrown here and there, and some cheap tactics at the end of each cha We all know not to judge a book by its cover. And there is a sequel to this book. I am giving 2 stars purely for the effort the author has taken in writing and researching for this book. But as a reader i will not recommend this book even to my worst enemy. Jan 02, Priya rated it it was ok. This haphazard non-review has been languishing in my drafts for weeks past the deadline.

I apologize for that. When The Mahabharata Quest arrived for review, I found myself skimming through the cover blurb and the author introduction. The acknowledgments begin, "This book owes its existence to many people without whom it would never have been written," and the clumsy redundancy made me smile. The writer's bio boasts of mentors of the likes of Heinlein, Asimov, Tolkien and Wells. Way to build up This haphazard non-review has been languishing in my drafts for weeks past the deadline.

Way to build up expectations! The Mahabharata Quest is confusingly and predictably the first of a series. I think the author has done a good job of reintroducing the characters and back story without making it confusing for someone who directly reads this book. Even the new characters, like Alice, are interesting once you get to know them. An issue that I had with the first book persists, the dialogue is clumsily unrealistic and no person in the book has a distinctive voice.

Colin might as well be from Delhi. A lot of the book is told, not shown, and this flaw is most obvious in its characters. They all behave the same, to an extent, and say much the same things. I like the riddles and clues and how the group solves them, even those that aren't well articulated. It's historical fiction, and if there's one thing historical fiction thrives on, it's research. I've always felt that a well researched novel is one that manages to blend the information into the story.

Information dumps are most distasteful. Less is more, right? The Mahabharata Quest suffers from pompous show-off-ery, and the author doesn't seem to get enough of basking in the glory of all the effort he's put into the book. A glossary or section of references would have been nice. But all the maps are just an unnecessary distraction.

The blurb promises thrills and it does deliver on that front. It kept me hooked, and I surprised myself by how willing I was to ignore the awkward phrasing and read further, eager to find out what happened next. So, believe me when I say, I could have ignored the aforementioned annoyances and the fact that the ending was a little anticlimactic, had it not been for the unresolved threads.

Leaving loose strands of story to be tied together in the sequel is the worst form of manipulation to ensure future readers. It's just lazy. Remember back when writing a book was a big deal? Now, we regularly find authors making money churning out books in incorrigible patterns. This is not to imply that said books are badly written.

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I do think that The Mahabharata Quest is a good book. I read its predecessor, The Mahabharata Secret, only weeks ago. It was recommended to me by a friend, and in times of the sort of boredom that precedes college exams, it made an exciting read. To occasional readers, The Mahabharata Quest - The Alexander Secret will surely be the gripping story that it promises to be.

But let's just call the author India's Dan Brown, because I can't for the life of me name one thing that made this book distinctly more memorable than all the books out there or significantly different from his first. So it's not a bad book, but the fact that I can't think of anyone I'd recommend it to should say something. Apr 16, Sonal rated it really liked it. Just as previous one this one is also enthralling.

There are very few works for which you would skip your meals, sleep and other daily chores. With same characters from previous book in the series, Christopher continues exploring history and the mysteries revolving around the epics. Addition of Alice, Van Klueck, Dr. Saxena and few some more characters, the novel voyages through different countries. The narrative style is so wonderful that you would find yourself running with Alice, grinning with Colin, crying with Dr. Shukla over death loved ones.

This novel contains many medical terms and thanks to glossary at the end of book, I had no need to google it. Yet, I felt that reduction of these terms could intensify the novel as to a non-medical person, it would be little bit boring to read much of the description. At the end of novel, Christopher has already presented hint of his upcoming novel. Eagerly waiting for the third novel in series.

My overall rating for this work is 3. Apr 18, Richa rated it did not like it Shelves: gave-up-on , run-of-the-mill. I really tried to read this book till the end. I tried my best, but I just couldn't go beyond page no. Most of the book is wasted in people chatting around a table. I mean, its a thriller for crying out loud! Where is the action?? The author has been so lazy with this book The characters are conveniently having professions needed to solve the riddle.

All of them are very neatly alloted qualifications which make it butter smooth for investigatin I really tried to read this book till the end. All of them are very neatly alloted qualifications which make it butter smooth for investigating. All the information is very nicely provided in journals. No need to make the actors move much. Just relax and read. It is all talk talk talk! How boring can ut get!!

I really wish this author aborts any ambition of becoming a thriller writer. He is a lazy writer with lazy characters.

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How I wish I never picked up this book. Oct 28, Sandeep Sharma rated it really liked it. When it comes to this particular author, I loved his debut book but for me this one fells a bit flat on my expectations. It started off pretty dynamic but the middle part was depressing, though the end had some great twists to cover up the overall reading experience.

Recommended read from my behalf but personally only because I had great expectations , felt a bit disappointed. Oct 25, Surendra Nath rated it did not like it. Again one more book in dan brown style The plot is also not that great either Unlike the previous book in the series, this one is much better.

The Secret Of The Druids by Christopher C. Doyle

I really appreciate the research author has done in order to get this historical fiction created. There are lot of scientific facts combined with stories from Indian history I don't call it mythology , which the author has beautifully combined together to come up with a plot. Continue on the same path and I am sure the author is going to match the skills of Dan Brown in bringing a historical fiction together. The story moves at a v Unlike the previous book in the series, this one is much better.

The story moves at a very fast pace just like the previous book and it was getting difficult to put it down inspite of the fact that the book lost its mystery close to half way through. I could guess what the end roughly will be. There is a small mistake the author has done in the book and I was able to catch it. I am not sure how the editor left them in place. Towards the end you will read about Vijay clicking the photos from the wall when he was left trapped under the caves. How come he was left with a mobile phone by so skilled professional mercenaries and why did they leave a flashlight with him, not that the flashlight was very helpful.

Irrespective of all this, this story is coming up very well and I would definitely read the short sequel which is available freely on the author's website and then the next book in the series. Nov 12, Sagnik Sengupta rated it really liked it. The book which is said to be part one of a new trilogy is a suspense thriller served with large helpings of history which makes it perfect for a good in-flight read.

Though there are some downs in the plot points, overall it gives a mythological thrilling sense with pin point historical accurate points. A classic entry to the already present conspiracy theories surrounding Alexander the Great. The main protagonists consists of the same group as the Mahabharata Secret, the story though continues The book which is said to be part one of a new trilogy is a suspense thriller served with large helpings of history which makes it perfect for a good in-flight read. The main protagonists consists of the same group as the Mahabharata Secret, the story though continues after a year.

Past of Vijay the main hero of the story is explored more, with a twist and main plot pont of next book is revealed at the very end. All in all, the book is a delight for myth fiction fans like myself and I would like to give the author a thumbs up for merging Greek myth along with Indian myth. The only downfall which I felt this story had was the death of Alexander, which was one of the most talked focus point of this book. The death of the self proclaimed God King is kind of plain and simple.

But greatly recommended Read this book and treat your brains out Jun 14, Kashmira Gohil rated it liked it. This is a fabulous tale describing ancient Mahabharata secret interwoven with Alexander's God like status yet his mysterious death imposing on current events. The author has woven the story well with some good research in mythology as well as modern science.

I liked to read this one enough to want to pick up next in the series. Dec 30, Nitya Sivasubramanian rated it did not like it Shelves: 1star. I didn't realize this book was the second in a series when I picked it up. I know now, and I still don't care to go searching for the first one, which surprises even me. Not only am I enough of a sucker for punishment that I will work my way through a series I don't enjoy simply for the joy of being done with it, but usually anything that can weave history and mythology together will hold my fancy.

Honestly though, I couldn't get into the mystery of this book. The author claims his interest spran I didn't realize this book was the second in a series when I picked it up. The author claims his interest sprang from his disbelief that Alexander and his troops turned back at the banks of the Beas. Have you met people though?

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Especially tired homesick exhausted from all the marching people? May 28, Aditi Gouda rated it liked it. It would have been better if it was a little more short and enigmatic. Jan 16, Chinmay rated it did not like it Shelves: thriiler , fiction. This is one good example of wannabe writers who make it big out there only because they get lucky. There's a team of adventure seekers and it is comprised of Head of Intelligence Bureau and some highly skilled people gathered for protecting the world from the threats of modern terrorists.

1/2 The Art of Witchcraft - Secret Knowledge

And what it looks like is a gang of teen sleuths who keep finding themselves in trouble and then by some stroke of destiny emerge out of it. And all the stuff about Alexander and Mahabharata is though original, This is one good example of wannabe writers who make it big out there only because they get lucky. And all the stuff about Alexander and Mahabharata is though original, it lacks conviction. Let alone conviction it fails to kindle your imagination. This book lacks all the quality of a thriller.

It has visible plot holes. The narration is absolutely run off the mill. For anyone who wants to enjoy a good thriller series - This is not for you. Sep 17, Susheil Kumar rated it it was ok. I read this novel after Gods, kings and Slaves by Venkatesh. It was really a disappointment. While the author attempts to do a Dan Brown, he miserably fails to do justice. The plot of Samudramanthan as mentioned by the author was acceptable. However more research could have been done in some respects.

Alexander moving beyond Persia for secret could have been developed further and facts like Alexander offering truce to Pravateshwar Porus before the battle could be incorporated. The book does not I read this novel after Gods, kings and Slaves by Venkatesh. The book does not gathers pace at any point of time and loses its charm completely after first pages. He is the victim of foul play and dirty tricks at a dueling club meeting. He has to endure the suspicion and dislike of most of his fellow students at Hogwarts, who believe he is the Heir of Slytherin.

He is captured by Aragog, a giant spider, who wants to feed Harry to his brood of spider children. He has to battle the Basilisk without looking at it, because its look is death. And he has to overcome Tom Riddle, the deadly spirit of Voldemort as a boy. Those are only some of the frustrations and pains that Harry learns are inevitable in life because they are essential elements in the plot of life. Harry learns about this mark particularly in his dealings with Tom Marvolo Riddle, who is the Heir of Slytherin and who was a student at Hogwarts fifty years earlier but grew up to be Lord Voldemort, the embodiment of evil forces.

Harry has something of Voldemort or Tom Riddle in him. That theme continues in future novels, for in the fourth book of the series, something of Harry is absorbed by Voldemort, allowing the evil Wizard to achieve embodiment again. And when Harry first came to Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat which assigns new students to their houses wanted to put Harry into Slytherin House—which was the house of Tom Riddle or Voldemort.

Harry does not know who or what he is. Harry is on a quest for self-discovery, and what he must discover is that there is no separate self to discover. The novel has many examples of transformation, from the trivial to the momentous. The car has been transformed by magic. Dobby is a house-elf in the service of the cruel and wicked Lucius Malfoy. House-elves are perpetually indentured servants, whose only reason for existing is to serve their masters.

They wear pillowcases for clothing and can be freed only if the master gives them an article of proper clothing. The plan, devised by the clever Hermione, is to concoct a Polyjuice Potion, which will transform whoever drinks it into the appearance of a different person. They do so transform and discover that Draco is not the Heir of Slytherin. And more significantly, the school boy Tom Riddle transforms into the archevil Wizard Voldemort. The Basilisk, which is hidden in the Chamber of Secrets, is a symbol of negative transformation because it kills or petrifies its victim; that is, the evil serpent transforms its victim into a lifeless state.

Harry in his battle against the Basilisk is assisted by a Phoenix, which is a symbol of positive transformation. The Phoenix is a bird that lives a very long time, but when the end of its life approaches, the Phoenix does not die. Instead, the bird bursts into flames, which consume its body. From the ashes arises a new baby Phoenix—the old bird reborn. The Phoenix is thus a symbol of death and resurrection, of regeneration, or of transformation into a new life. The climactic transformation in the book, however, is one that actually occurred long before its story began, indeed even before the first book, but which we learn about only near the end of the second novel.

Both half-bloods, orphans, raised by Muggles. Probably the only two Parselmouths [Wizards who can talk with serpents] to come to Hogwarts since the great Slytherin himself. We even look something alike. Those powers, in being transferred from Voldemort to Harry, caused Harry to become in some sense a transformation of Voldemort, good transformed out of evil.