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You're my daughter, that's so wrong. That's so wrong. Unfortunately, I'm still too horny to care about anything except getting off. I liked it. I want more. He lets out a long sigh and I take the opportunity to quickly undo the button and unzip the fly. He doesn't try stop me as I reach into his briefs and pull out his cock. I'm taken aback by it's size; much bigger than my ex boyfriend's. I lean down to take it in my mouth when Daddy pulls me back up by my hair. Without a word, I softly push him so his back is against the couch, and get up to kneel on the floor in front of him as I take his huge cock in my mouth.

He quietly moans and runs his fingers through my hair. I know he has finally given in as I kiss and lick the tip, swirling my tongue around it, then running it up and down the bottom of his shift. He lets out a low guttural growl as he grabs a fist full of my hair and shoves his entire cock into my mouth. He face-fucks me until I can't take it anymore and need to stop and breathe.

During this time, he leans forward and peels off my singlet and un-hooks my bra all in a matter of seconds, letting my large tits hang freely in front of him. I knead them in my hands, pressing them together, playing with my nipples - teasing him - until he pushes me backwards so I'm lying on the floor on my back. I reach down and slowly stroke my clit as he slides off his jeans and briefs and removes his shirt, revealing his god-like body in all it's naked glory.

I want you so bad.

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My body is quivering as I climb higher to my first ever climax. Daddy grabs my thighs and spreads them further apart as he plunges his tongue into my pussy and begins tongue-fucking me before returning to my clit. My body convulses once more and I scream "Oh fuck! I grab a handful of Daddy's hair to keep his mouth on me as I grind my pussy against his face. My orgasm lasts so long and I know he can't breathe - especially with my thighs pressed against his head - so I eventually let go of his hair and he gasps for breath.

I open them slightly to see him lean down again and gently kiss my inner thighs, then kiss my soaking wet pussy once more. I barely have time to consider that promise before I feel the tip of Daddy's cock against the entrance of my pussy. Please be gentle, I'm a virgin. It takes him a few seconds to respond. You're safe with Daddy. He holds his dick in me about halfway for a few seconds, then pulls out almost completely before ramming back in and fucking me with reckless abandon. It hurts when he breaks through my hymen - I attempt to ask him to stop or slow down but I can't possibly get any sound out besides my loud moans.

Daddy's dick feels so good inside me; I never want him to stop. Just then, he pulls out. I look at him and pout like I usually do when I don't get my way. Show your little girl how big your cock really is. Again, I carefully rearranged myself on his lap, as if it were a natural reaction in my sleep. This was ideal for me to position my face so the side of my mouth was directly over the largest hunk of his humongous cock.

I know Daddy had completely forgotten the game on TV by now, and was in a full blown sweat, and a full blown hard on. He was trembling all over. I could almost hear him praying that he wouldn't wake this vision of sexual desire directly on top of his hardened cock. All my thoughts were lost in a fantasy, as I imagined him sitting there naked, with me deep throating his big hard cock.

The music of his commanding words……. Suck it all the way down to my balls! As he did, I opened my wildly excited big blue eyes and looked directly up into his. He froze like a deer caught in headlights. The fantasy suddenly vanished! Softly, I whispered, "Daddy, don't be scared. I know you want me. Stunned, he sat there, hardly able to breath. I slipped my soft little hand inside his pants and firmly took hold of his big daddy cock. He whispered hoarsely "If I die today, I will truly die the happiest man who ever lived.

The head on it was tremendous!! Yes, it was as big as the toy in my mother's drawer, but now, in the flesh it actually looked bigger. It was certainly almost a foot long, and definitely bigger and thicker than Jim's was. I slid off the sofa and onto my knees between his legs still maintaining eye contact. I wasn't about to let go of his impressive hard on.

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As I stroked its full length, I smiled provocatively at my hung daddy. The look on his face told all. How many times had he fantasized about his Lisa's big sexy lips and cavernous mouth servicing his hard cock?! I generously licked the palms of my hands, one at a time, and slowly worked them up and down his long thick shaft. I looked up into my adoring father's eyes and purred hungrily.

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What a big beautiful cock you have. You do want me to suck it, don't you? The insides of my mouth were surprisingly soft, like he'd never felt before. Effortlessly, I slid the first 5 inches of his rod to the back of my throat, pausing slightly to suck lustfully. Then, Daddy gasped as I began working my way down towards the base of his gorgeous cock.

My lips clung tightly around the shaft as I inched my way down its length, lubricating it with my very talented tongue.

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My warm saliva ran down the sides of his cock and over his balls. I sensed that he could have cum in 10 seconds, but he was obviously going to make this last as long as possible. I had no idea that you were such a cock hungry little slut! Sliding him briefly out of my mouth, I gasped. My sexy mouth was wet with saliva and his precum.

Then I turned my attention back to deep throating the entire length of his cock. At the base I slipped my tongue out to lightly lick at his balls. Then I let all but the big purple head slip out from between my soft wet lips. The sight of his cock disappearing completely into my mouth and down my throat was too much for him. There was no way he was going to be able to hold out much longer. He had never had a woman get the head of his massive cock in her mouth before, much less the entire thing completely down her throat!

My mom was his first and only lover, and her mouth was too small to do what I could do. I began to squeeze his balls with one hand while jerking his rod with the other, following my lip strokes with my tight hand motions. This was just too much, and he began to moan in anticipation of great release.

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Taking my mouth away momentarily I begged lustfully. Fill my mouth with your hot cum. I returned to the incredible task of sucking on his huge swollen shaft. I could feel his balls tremble in my palm. I gave them one final squeeze, sending him over the edge. I could feel cum shooting up from his balls and out into my waiting mouth. He could hear my little slurping noises, as I tried valiantly not to gag on all that semen he was pumping into my hot young mouth. It eventually began to leak out between my plump red lips and down my chin, dripping onto these mammoth tits of mine.

For someone who was supposedly a virgin, I had little trouble pumping every last drop of fluid from his throbbing dick. I knew how sexy I looked there…on my knees….. Carefully, I tilted my head back slightly so as not to spill any of his cum from my sexy mouth. Matt shook his head in awe. Then closing my eyes, I jealously swallowed his seed. Next, I licked each of my fingers clean right there in front of him. When the last shudders of his climax faded away, he guided her pretty face away from his well-sucked cock. Bravely now….

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