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    Understanding what motivates the typical Japanese salaryman is very important if your company wants to succeed doing business in Japan. How are salarymen relevant to me? First, almost every executive, C-level or otherwise, senior manager and manager aged 45 or older in a Japanese company, very likely started as a year-old new employee and rose through the salaryman ranks to become first a team-leader, then a section-leader, then an assistant manager, then a manager, and then an assistant general manager, before entering senior management.

    Understanding what motivates salarymen helps in just about every decision a foreign company needs to make when starting business in Japan: deciding where to place its Japanese subsidiary office, deciding who to recruit as its subsidiary company President, understanding why a candidate wants to work at its Japanese subsidiary, and so on. He is an only child whose parents knew that if he were to become a respectable salaryman working for a secure and respectable Japanese company, that company would only recruit him if he graduated from a top university.

    By the time Tanaka-san was 3, his mother had already investigated which kindergarten, which grade school, which junior-high school, and which high school would best enhance his chances of entering a top university. By the time his father returned home to Tama City at pm each night, he was too tired to do anything but eat his late dinner and sleep.

    On Saturdays he would also go to his office, so the only time Tanaka-san ever really spent time with his father was on Sundays, when his father would do his family service. From age 3 — 6, Tanaka-san attended kindergarten, from age 6 — 12 he attended grade school. From age 6, Tanaka-san also attended cram schools in the evenings and on holidays to make sure he would pass his junior-high school entrance examination.