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The first minutes of The Invisible Eye are well shot, well directed and intriguing. Julieta Zylberberg's performance is a joy to watch, a…. Basado en una novela, en un contexto duro de la argentina, se lo puede analizar desde muchos puntos de vista.

Доля ангелов

The movie does not live up to Julieta Zylberberg's entrancing performance. It's not a bad movie, really, it just keeps steering away from any direction that might offer genuine surprises.

Para professores e…. Here we go! The Invisible Eye. Director Diego Lerman.

Genre drama. One really clever and unique device is that the director plays tricks on us with smells. This changes when we see her buying aftershave to secretly sniff in her bedroom. We can almost smell the damp, amongst other more pungent things, and become more and more unsettled, disgusted and confused by her behaviour.

The Invisible Eye

Their films have little dialogue and rely on the viewer to do much of the work. But perhaps suspension of at least some disbelief is needed with all stories, especially the dark and creepy ones, to stop us from being genuinely disgusted or outright offended. Perhaps she was a little over-mothered by the two generations of women she lived with:. Or maybe she was deeply affected by the absence of her father.