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With the one week diet plan, you could lose up to seven pounds in seven days. that meals can be thrown together fast, making the diet even easier to stick to!.

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Patented braking system. Built to withstand the elements. Ideal for ocean views, lake views, any view! A true and lasting investment. Peter Clark from New York City came to the region to study the salt deposits beneath the lakes and marshes. He built a large house on a nearby drumlin that provided a panoramic view of the area.

The name stuck. Since that time, a village, the marsh and the refuge have all adopted it. Today, the Montezuma Refuge is only part of a 50,acre conservation effort that also includes the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area and privately owned land. The wetlands complex is one of the most important migration areas in the Atlantic Flyway. More than 1 million waterfowl use Montezuma as a staging area in migratory seasons, and the area is home to numerous species of amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Or an osprey hover, head down, before it dives for a fish?

Have you ever wanted to see a bald eagle in the wild rather than on the Discovery Channel? Spend a few hours at Montezuma. The refuge attracts much more than Canada Geese, which can number , during migration. Among some of the rarer birds seen at Montezuma are sandhill cranes, peregrine falcons, black terns, white pelicans, cerulian warblers and yellow-billed cuckoos. The site was an ideal choice, since wild eagles had nested there in earlier years. With hacking, baby eagles are taken from natural nesting sites and relocated to an artificial nest on a high platform.

Turn right onto Route At the first stop light, turn left onto Route and drive approximately 5 miles to the end of Route Turn left onto Routes 5 and The refuge entrance is 1. Trails are suitable for cross-country skiing in the winter. The Wildlife Drive is usually closed in winter months. You can pick up maps at the Visitor Center and learn which birds have recently been spotted. Radio Tune into AM to hear an informational tape loop as you pass by the area on the Thruway. Schools and Large Groups Call ahead for an introduction to the refuge. All tours are self-guided.

Fees: None. Early morning and late afternoon are the two best times for watching wildlife. A newly constructed floating dock enables you to come ashore from the canal to visit the Seneca Trail, the Visitor Center and other refuge facilities. We invite you to experience the best in. The birds are fed by humans in such a way that they do not lose their natural fear of them or associate them with food.

Hacking was hugely successful — so much so that it was discontinued at Montezuma in when two nesting pairs were established and other eagles had dispersed and nested elsewhere in New York. In its first four years, 23 bald eagles were released at Montezuma where they learned how to hunt for themselves and breed — both signs that they had not grown accustomed to human intervention. Several nesting sites have been built and abandoned at Montezuma. The nest on Armitage Road offers the best viewing, particularly before the leaves are on the trees.

Ospreys tend to be smaller and are dappled black and white on their undersides. Plus, they fly very high. Adult bald eagles are black with a distinctive white head, and the juveniles are dark brown. Both ospreys and eagles hunt for fish and build large nests, but eagles are much more reclusive when it comes to being around humans. Since , Timber Frames Inc. Start off right by enlisting the help of an established, local nursery, as they will have the most expertise to offer in helping you select species or varieties of plants that will do well in your particular area.

While plants can be installed at most any time of the year with proper precautions, spring is. The ultimate success of your planting begins as you choose your plants. Picking out healthy, vigorous specimens with no signs of disease or disfigurement is important. Check the stems or trunk for damage to the bark that may have resulted from rough handling, and reject or select any plant accordingly. If in a pot, it is relatively easy to check for an adequate root system by tipping the plant to the side. If you are selecting a deciduous plant that has yet to leaf out, check to make sure that the buds are swelling and moist inside.

Scratching a tiny bit of the bark off a small twig should also reveal a live, green layer. Be prepared to protect your new plants from wind and sun while transporting them. Any plant on the outside of a vehicle should be covered with a mesh tarp. Water your purchases as. Choose an appro-. Most plants have specific cultural preferences Once the plant is in the that should be addcorrect position, the burlap and twine can be cut away to reveal the root ball itself.

Therefore, they grow best when planted on the north and east sides of structures. Mature plant size should also be considered so that adequate growing room is allowed between neighboring plants and especially between plants and buildings. Many plants sold have identifying tags with all of this information included.

Excavate a planting pit the depth of the root ball and. Continue a foot or two beyond the perimeter of the trunk flare excavation itself, loosening the soil 4 to 6 inches deep. Spread several inches of peat moss or comSet ball on firmly packed soil post over all of the to prevent settling. Compacted soil can even go halfway up root ball.

Blend soil and organic matter together to create a backfill mix. Once the soil and planting hole are prepared, remove the plant from its growing container and place it in the hole with the top of the root ball an inch or two above the surrounding finished grade. When removing a container-grown plant, it is advisable to make several vertical cuts on the outside perimeter of the root ball about an inch deep in order insure that new roots will grow in a desirable manner. If the root ball is wrapped. Visit our website for package details.

Niagara Falls 1. Finger Lakes. Visit our website for a taste of the Finger Lakes Experience Web: www.

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Market St. Corning W. Pulteney St. Miller St. Once the plant is in the correct position, the burlap and twine can be cut away to reveal the root ball itself. If there is a wire basket around the burlap, use bolt cutters or wire-cutting pliers to remove as much of the basket as possible. Never leave any twine or rope around the trunk of the tree. Backfill the void around the plant one-half to two-thirds of the way up the root ball, and gently compact the soil mix.

At this point, use a garden hose to fill the remaining hole with water. Once the water has soaked in, the hole can be filled the rest of the way with soil. Create a well and apply water to the plant once again. At this point, an application of fertilizer is beneficial, whether it is a water-soluble starter solution or a granular tree-andshrub formula. Follow package directions for rate and method of the particular product you are using.

Mulching after planting will help the soil retain water and provide the decorative element you desire, whether it is 2 to 3 inches of hardwood bark mulch directly over the soil or an attractive stone placed over a layer of weed mat. Be sure to leave a little breathing room between the plant stem and the surrounding mulch. Continue watering throughout the growing season. Check soil moisture weekly and apply water if necessary. The most effective method for single plants is to simply place an openended hose at the base of the plant and turn the water on to a slow stream for as long as needed.

Planting a tree or shrub is a simple procedure. It requires some manual labor, but you can enjoy your new landscape for years to come. Call him at or visit his website at www. With all of the details to consider, it might seem like a daunting task. Grab a pen and paper, gather your family and friends, and make a list of your preferences. Decide what you want out of your vacation. Each lake provides different opportunities, so you can narrow your search based on what you like to do.

Perhaps you are looking for a getaway with friends who would love to do some wine tasting. Selecting a house on Seneca Lake would be a great choice for those wishing to check out the many vineyards. Maybe you are hoping to take the kids on a vacaRenting a cottage on Keuka Lake can give you views like this. The Canandaigua Lake area has a wealth of Finger Lakes might sound incredibly Native American history and culture enticing, but to many it also sounds to explore. Some you can literally customize the house ou may have dreamed about owning a luxurious home on the lake where you and your friends can lounge on the spacious deck during the day and soak in the hot tub at night.

Or perhaps a small rustic cabin is more your style, a place to fish, swim and enjoy the quietness. The idea of having a house right on one of the. Foresman, M. LaDuca, PhD. Make beautiful memories with chauffeured service and these carefully restored cars from the past.

For prices and reservations: Depending on whether you are renting for a family reunion, a wedding or a vacation with just your immediate family, there are houses of every size with features to suit every person. Next take a look at your budget and decide how much you are willing and able to spend. Most rental companies have a wide range of price points. Whether you choose to rent from a company or directly from the owner of the house, there are plenty of websites to check out that provide all the details. In addition, you pick the length of your stay.

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Vacations of a few days, a few weeks or a few months are all doable options for a renter. If you are considering buying a place in the future, renting offers a way to explore and try out different lakes so you can feel comfortable with your choice before you purchase. Renting lets you design your perfect vacation in a place where you will never be at a loss for things to do. Stacy Majewicz is a journalism student at Ithaca College. After she graduates in May, she plans to pursue a career in magazine writing.

I like to string photos together, which gives the final panoramic product a somewhat rough appearance, like hand-hewn beams in an old cabin or pioneer home. My grandson, Ryan Walsh, 10 years old from Penfield, took these pictures using a simple digital camera. Please send photos to: Finger Lakes Scrapbook P. Located on the south-eastern shore of Seneca Lake. Bring in this ad for a free wine tasting. Open Mon-Sat , Sun Join us for a tasting of our premium wines and enjoy the spectacular view of Cayuga Lake. Business Hours Feb-April Mon.

Order Wine Online www. Present this ad for a free logo glass. View our website at. Plus it will open up if you decant it to help offset some of those tannins. You may even notice a hint of asparagus and cassis on the finish. Whenever I hear people speak. But after all the highfalutin jabber winds down, wine tasting comes down to just one thing: You like what you like. Eau de Tire One of my favorite stories is of an evening I missed. Translation: Wines sold cheaply that may or may not have been harmed in shipping or storage, aka fire wines.

Darrell raved about its fine character as he poured samples. Just full of grapefruit and oak. Tastes like sunshine in California. Much raising of glasses, B sniffing, swirling, a bit of quiet gargling. Frank was the first to speak. Finger Lakes Spring Road Trip Spring is the perfect time of year to visit Finger Lakes wineries because the great hustle of harvesting and bottling is mostly over.

You may even meet the vintner and get that tour you always wanted to take. No waiting at tastings, and the winery folk are usually only too happy to have you stop in. You can even learn what will be available in the coming months be sure to ask about dessert wines. Need more reasons to get on the road? The Finger Lakes offers some of the best.

Pack a picnic, grab a bottle of what you like and enjoy the lake vistas carved by glacier melt. They last only a few weeks. Bring along a field guide and see if you can spot Jack-in-the-Pulpits, bluebells and trilliums. Bring binoculars to watch for migratory birds as well. Pre-season rates are typically great, and you may feel like you have the place to yourselves. From fine furniture, gifts and fresh flowers to casually elegant luncheon dining, our shops offer a unique shopping experience. Relax and enjoy the country. Call for directions. Main Office.

Look for our signs. Darrell was looking at his glass, frowning. It tastes like … burnt rubber! Before long, Frank needed a refill. But that was fantastic! How could you? So they decided to find out just what people drink and why by commissioning Project Genome. To see the full results, go to www. The goal of the project was simple: to develop profiles of typical wine drinkers. The results were announced last fall. People fell into six different categories: Enthusiasts: Passionate about wines; love to research and share them with friends and family. Image Seekers: Want to feel trendy and knowledgeable and will often buy expensive wines to make an impression.

Savvy Shoppers: Like a bargain; get excited over case discounts. Traditionalists: Buy from wellknown wineries for the comfort factor of the familiar. Feel fine serving white zinfandel at parties. Overwhelmed: Read labels to select wines. Good luck! This is interesting, but I suspect most people who make, serve and sell wines already know this. I can almost picture the scene at any local winery. Savvy Shopper meanders among the discount bins and asks the rest of the tasting party if they will split a case.

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Traditionalist checks off only the tried and true on her tasting notes. She may even eschew Rieslings her loss. But I do know what tastes good, and when I taste a wine I like, I invariably think about how it will be served with food. I believe that wines are best enjoyed with a meal rather than facing the taste buds all alone. So bottoms up—and keep experimenting.

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Joy Underhill is a freelance writer who lives in Farmington. You can reach her at joy wordsbyjoy. Ph: ext 22 www. I was on the final day of a cycle tour of the Finger Lakes region and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Here I was, just a couple PM Page shy 1 of my 60th birthday, and months in my judgment at least, I was riding as well as I ever had. Or nearly so, anyway. The long pull out of Ithaca had given me reason to reconsider the state of my cycling fitness.

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The first half mile or so consisted of a heavily traveled narrow city street with no shoulder. So my assault on the slope started as a trudge. Once the sidewalk ran out and the street became a road with a hint of a shoulder, I mounted the bike and began puffing upward. Even after that, however, there were occasional sections that bounded so sharply upward that I was force to dismount and push the bike through them.

Nonetheless, by the time I finally reached the top, I had pedaled the bike more than I had pushed it, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was also feeling pretty tired, though, and after pumping through a few more miles of what was now smartly rolling terrain, I stopped at a crossroad corner to mix up a sports drink and replenish myself. While I stood there gulping Gatorade, I noticed a bicyclist approaching rapidly on the intersecting road.

The rider noticed me as well and wheeled to a halt, speaking a cheery. Seeing that she was an attractive and obviously fit young woman, I straightened up and wiped the weariness from my face. I answered her questions about my route and gave her some equipment recommendations. I was prepared to brag a little about my accomplishment, but her response quickly scotched that. I rode up another way that is actually steeper and longer.

It was probably a good thing she left when she did. Stan Purdum is a pastor and freelance writer living in North Canton, Ohio. Our driver will guide you through scenic wine country to some of the best wineries in the Finger Lakes. We provide service 7 days a week, all year round. You choose the time of pick up and the wineries. Private vehicle for two or for your group up to 20 passengers. Our FreezeAlarm, WaterAlarm and MiniAlarm products will automatically call you if temperatures get too low, power goes out, water is detected or if intrudrers break in! You can even turn up the heat in your vacation property with a phone call!

There are no monitoring fees and installation takes only minutes. The showcase will run through April Located in Penn Yan. Held at the Palace Theatre in Syracuse. Categories for the show include vocal, dance and musical instruments. March …Montezuma Winery Spring Cleaning Weekend Enjoy fantastic savings on wine and accessories as Montezuma cleans out the tasting room. Our Classrooms are filled with the finest for your gift giving and decorating needs.

Find all kinds of treasures, from costumes and picture frames to shelving and paper. Come see dozens of breathtaking gardens and over 80 vendors. There will be special tastings and personal discussions so you can learn the tricks of the trade. Contact Kevin McMahon for more information. Sponsored by the VictorFarmington Rotary Club. The automotive world has waited 15 years. And you,a lifetime. The 6 Series has returned. In Coupe or Convertible, with a potent V-8 and extraordinary agility. Exhilaration and elegance, in perfect harmony. Held at Willard Memorial Chapel. Lee White Marine Museum presents this unique event where you will be able to enjoy a first-class menu in a lavish setting just like the elite passengers traveling on the Titanic.

Call or write for a FREE color brochure www. Newly expanded with sites! Located near Lake Ontario. Family oriented park with seasonal and overnight accommodations. Come for a day or stay for the whole weekend. Hook-In Celebrate the art of traditional rug hooking at our annual spring hook-in. Admission is free. Search for amphibians, aquatic insects, water-loving mammals and more.

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The train runs from Shortsville to Clifton Springs. Tickets are advance sale only. Held at Seneca Lake. April 29…Finger Lakes Fishing Festival Held at the Lime Hollow Center for Environment and Culture in Cortland, this festival includes two fishing pools, interactive stations, t-shirt making, and entertainment for the kids. Open Daily pm, Mid May-Dec. Daily 10am-5pm, July-Aug. The L. Research center, Period rooms, changing exhibits.

The Terwilliger Museum tells the story of the development of Waterloo through 5 period rooms and exhibits which provide a window on how the early settlers lived and worked. National Soaring Museum Explore your history through the Booth Research Library and shop for special books in the Museum Store. Open seven days a week. Tuesday through Sunday am to pm Closed Mondays except holidays. Group outings welcomed - call for information.

Public Welcome! Every table in the Inn has a beautiful view of the lake. The candlelit atmosphere, roaring fireplaces and exceptional, imaginative American cuisine make Thendara Inn one of the most popular destinations for diners who appreciate the fine details. Reservations Recommended. We feature casual bistro food available in our lounge, new and interesting cocktails and martinis, and of course, our traditional and contemporary dining room menu. Authentic classics as well as innovative Chef's creations are served family style for you and your table to share.

Life in the Finger Lakes offers you the opportunity to request free brochures and information from our advertisers. Simply circle the numbers on the adjacent postage-paid card and mail. The advertisers will send information directly to you. D57 Pg. Antique Revival Info Arts Canandaigua Info Aurora Inn Info Bayles LeatherHouse Info Belhurst Castle Info Bristol Harbour Info , Campground Owners of NY Info Canandaigua Inn on the Lake Info Chemung Canal Trust Co Info the cinnamon stick Info Clifton Springs Hospital Info Cobblestone Arts Center Info Cobtree They hate to come to grips.

Even when I was studying mathematics, physics, and computer science, it always seemed that the problem of consciousness was about the most interesting problem out there for science to come to grips with. On a scale personal enough to be felt by all, but big enough to be symbolic, the two irreconcilable faiths of our time - Communism and Freedom - came to grips in the persons of two conscious and resolute men. Downloadable music is the biggest musical phenomenon since the Beatles, and the music industry is slow to come to grips with that.

I want to see these bad, bad, bad, bad men come to grips with their humanity. To come to grips with creativity, I must ask creative, adventurous questions - the kind which, in all likelihood, cannot be answered. Terry Mortenson, Thane Hutcherson Ury, By approaching Twain's novel from several quite different perspectives, Quirk reveals how the author's imagination worked and why this novel has affected so many people for so long and in so many curious ways.

Tom Quirk, Easy-to-read and accessible, this book is a useful reference for friends and family of individuals with AS, as well as health and social care staff and students, whatever the level of training and experience. Carol Hagland, Top movie professionals, including producers, story analysts, screenwriters, sound mixers, editors, and publicists, discuss their jobs.

Eric Taub, To come to terms with crime and violence in South Africa, we must get behind the mask not only of the criminal, but also of society itself. We have to understand the hidden social processes that give rise to crime and violence. Tony Emmett, Alexander Butchart, The 12 papers address two issues: problems and techniques in testing and reporting data for strong reinforcement products, and creating a repeatable and reproducible test methodology for those materials.

Peter E. Stevenson, Frierson's compelling narrative, depicting the path of his life, offers Andrew Frierson, A Little Sunlight Please! Follow the life of a little seedling as it struggles to survive to reach adulthood Follow the life of a little seedling as it struggles to survive to reach adulthood as a full grown tree. As we do, we learn to give in a little to our less fortunate neighbors. View Product. Behind These Walls. Behind These Walls offers a compilation powerful poetry that examines life's trials and tribulations-focusing on Behind These Walls offers a compilation powerful poetry that examines life's trials and tribulations-focusing on the realities of life realities that many of us choose to ignore.

Based upon personal experiences of poet Corinea Andrews as well as stories shared Call for Duty. Joella Simpson, a spirited housewife and mother of four in additions to two foster sons Joella Simpson, a spirited housewife and mother of four in additions to two foster sons is called to serve as a King County juror in Seattle Washington. During the jury interrogation she is questioned if in any way she is Charley And The Last Cavaliers. They were five young men, all still in their teens and all from the same They were five young men, all still in their teens and all from the same community.

Schooled together they had remained close friends after finishing the eighth grade. These last few years they'd worked, each helping on their own families Faith 2. Self You 3.