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This former 17th Century coaching Inn, built from old ship timbers is a paranormal hotspot in the West Midlands. Dozens of ghostly encounters have been reported here over the years, sounds of children crying, glasses flying off the bar shelves, a full on apparition of a teenage girl has been seen disappearing into a wall, disembodied voices heard up in the attic, to name but a few! Haunted Evenings will be having a lock-in of a ghostly kind and invite budding enthusiasts to join us on our mission to experience this haunted gem after dark.

Join Haunted Evenings as we explore this incredibly vast and now disused Army Village surrounded by Staffordshire moorland.

Paranormal Staffordshire by Anthony Poulton-Smith

With so many places to investigate you could soon find yourself in small numbers, disorientated, in some pretty dark and eerie buildings. Strange phenomenon have been felt here, unexplained cold spots and bangs have left people on site feeling more than uneasy. Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire is packed with history and hauntings!

The Kings bedroom was closed for a while as many visitors felt faint and a sense of overwhelming fear. With a history stretching back centuries, Tutbury Castle is an intriguing fortification. If you have seen anything paranormal and you would like Matt or Den to investigate, let us know and email us any videos or photographs you may have.

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5 Most Haunted Places in Staffordshire

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5 Most Haunted Places in Staffordshire | Haunted Rooms®

Haunted Staffs -Stone. Haunted Staffs -Stafford. Haunted Staffs-Eccleshall.