Water Fasting - my 21 day experience

With the one week diet plan, you could lose up to seven pounds in seven days. that meals can be thrown together fast, making the diet even easier to stick to!.

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Also, stay off social media and seek silence. Ask God to reveal your character to you and help you overcome self this one will be painful but necessary. Once you make it to Ketosis Day it will be so much easier so please just try to make it to week 2 and you will thank yourself. Join a Facebook Support Group. The motivation of others helped me on many of days when I was ready to call it quits.

Download a Fasting App to help you keep track of your time. I was feeling very groggy and dizzy until I figured this out. I did one every other day. You must go number 2 when you are fasting and the salt-water flush is key. You will become very sick if you keep the detox in your body. So please, flush it out. Please get up very slowly every morning, especially in the early stages of fasting. I was late for work one day and got up really urgently and ended up passing out and my dad woke me up 5 minutes later.

Scary experience but your body literally needs extra time to get up in the morning when it is fasting. You will have an insane amount of energy after Day 10 but please try to conserve it which means try not to workout and do strenuous activities as your body is trying to detox and that already takes up so much energy.

I remember waking up at 4 every morning as all I needed was a few hours of sleep before I felt like I could run a marathon. I found myself being more productive than ever on this fast. Honestly, the best benefit as many people believe you will be weak and tired, nope not after that first week.

You will gain weight back if you are fasting for weight loss alone. Most of it will be waterweight but please be okay with the this reality. But it can kick those bad habits that can lead to a healthy lifestyle change.

You will already be in Ketosis and it will be so much more easier. I had detox acne bad on my chest where my chest looked like I had a measles infection. It cleared up right when I started back eating! I am a curly girl who follows the curly girl method and noticed my hair feel out a lot during the fast.

Since I follow the curly girl method, I do not use a lot of protein in my hair, so mostly moisture. Since I was only drinking water moisture from inside and using moisture-rich hair products moisture from outside , my hair got moisture overload which caused it to fall out. I only realized this after the fast and have had multiple protein treatments to restore it. So if you are a curly girl as well, please learn from my mistake. Also, there is a such thing as drinking too much water during a water fast.

You flood so much water in your system that it reduces the concentration of all the dissolved electrolytes and minerals, most notably sodium and potassium. I read that a college student died from drinking 2. He began having seizures and pink foam from mouth. Average person only needs 3L per day. I drank tea alongside my water everyday as I consider tea, enhanced water. It did not break my fast nor decrease the benefits.

It helped!

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My tongue got a white fur like layer of detox which smelled bad that I had to scrub away each morning with a tongue scrapper. Water fasting has been going on for at least 5,, 6, years that we know. The Bible mentions it, The main reason for fasting is the same in all of these beliefs: Physical, Here at The LifeCo we do quite a few things to help people to facilitate their weight loss. One of The good news is she is going to share the experience with us all… So here we are sitting down looking at the beautiful lake in the middle of the centre surrounded by luscious green jungle like trees and bright blue sky with not a cloud in sight!

What were your desired results?

How were your first 72 hours? What was the hardest part of the fasting? How were your energy levels, mood, emotional and mental state..? What did you crave the most? How did you cope with your hunger? We say that fasting is very similar to rebooting the hard drive in a computer. Sometimes, the computer gets corrupted and you do not know exactly where the problem is.

But if you just turn it off and reboot it, a lot of times, that corruption gets cleared out.

My 21 Day Water Fast – what happened

The same thing happens in the human body. We develop issues, and when you turn the system down with fasting and allow it to reboot, a lot of things—from gut flora, microbiota in the gut, to chronic inflammatory conditions—tend to sort themselves out Alan Goldhamer, Intergrative Medicine, I like to think of water fasting as a self-care practice, where you give your body and digestive system some much needed rest for detoxification and restoration.

To live on water alone for an extended period of time requires a lot of mental strength. If done right, water fasting is totally safe. During the fast you will experience a number of adverse effects.

What’s Water Fasting?

You will experience headaches, skin rashes, bad breath and taste in the mouth, irritability, coated tongue, bloating, weakness, and dizziness. Other people have also reported experiencing back pain and vomiting. The more toxins you have in your body, the more intense your side effects will be. However, I had never done anything over 3 days so 8 days was definitely new territory. Do you ever feel like you are just circling around in one place? You know; feeling stuck? So I decided to do a 3 day spiritual fast with my sister.

And fasting helps take the focus off me and I become fully depended on God. It changes you and your perspective, and helps you see things, people, yourself and the world in a different way. Neither of us prepared for the fast; we started the very next day.

21 Day Water fast and its benefits

I shut-down social media and jumped straight into it If you decide to do a water fast for whatever reason, I suggest you start preparing a week or two before. The first was not too bad because I regularly do 1 day fasts. I had an abundance of energy and a whole lot of extra time on my hands. I spent most of my time in prayer, journaling, and sorting out the house. The hardest thing was not being able to get in the kitchen and do what I do best — play with food. The second day of my fast was emotionally tough. I cried quite a lot. Some emotional cleansing going on here, I had never experienced anything like it.

It was so intense, there was no escaping it. So, I just cried and let it all out.

Third day was the absolute worst. I was super hungry and I found myself going through all my recipe book collection and eating all the food with my eyes. I also felt weak and light-headed so I upped my water intake, limited our outdoor activities and I allowed my body to completely rest. Truthfully, I thought of breaking the fast but what kept me going was my intention for the fast.

I prayed and asked God for strength to see me through. I noticed that my sleeping patterns changed, I was sleeping a whole lot more. I was in bed around pm very unusual and not getting up until 10am except on days I had things to do.